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January 7, 2019

Vibe Your Way to Amazing Health & Healing: Lessons from the Quantum Field

Good vibes, bad vibes; what does it all really mean?  

Is it simply a chance for us to wear trendy t-shirts and halfheartedly explain why we avoid interaction with certain people or is there more to it?  Since you are reading this, a more pertinent question may be, what does any of this have to do with my health? Can my vibe really have any influence upon my physiological well-being?  

Drumroll please. The answer is an unquestionable YES!

Quantum Physics is the study of the very small, the smallest parts within the universe.  This means going deeper than cell level. What is being studied are atoms and the parts that make up the atom, meaning subatomic particles; protons, neutrons and electrons.1  As Albert Einstein once said, “the quantum field is the sole governing agency of the particle,” and because our human bodies are made up of such, the quantum field is essentially our residence and oversees all.  As you can imagine, it is complex and well understood by few. Sadly, the principles are implemented in day to day life by even fewer. Yet, the findings within this branch of science are nothing short of mind-blowing.  As I began to dig deeper, I was baffled. Why has this information not remained more mainstream? Why are we not taught to apply this knowledge in everyday life and share it with our children so that we can create a more powerful paradigm for the way we live; for the way we love.

In order to expand upon this inspiring way of looking at health and healing, let’s discuss it in response to a significant healing roadblock, which I have heard time and time again from those I work with and have also experienced personally.  Yet, it need not apply to only those who are unwell or seeking to be healed as this knowledge is for everyone. Consider this a part of your own preventative medicine!

I have limited influence over my health. No matter what I do, I still don’t feel well.  

We cook healthy food, follow rigorous protocols, buy only organics, do our best to manage our stress, sleep and exercise regularly but beyond that, many of us feel that we are at the mercy of our doctor, a diagnosis, our alternative practitioner, our genetics, the environment or even our own body.  Well, I have some pretty fantastic news and without further ado, I present the idea that we are infinite; made up of the particles discussed earlier which are operating and vibrating within a field (that’s right, the quantum field), which is unlimited, in terms of potential and possibility. Yep, I said unlimited!  Yet, the challenge is that we are conditioned to observe and control our experience and match our thoughts to collective consciousness. Therefore, without consciously knowing so, we collapse all other possibilities. Sit with that for a second. So tragic.

The Double Slit Experiment contributed to the unfolding of this knowledge in a profound way.  In this experiment, small particles were shot through, at first one and then two, vertical slits.  When shot through only one slit, the pattern that emerged behind the slit was a single line of vertical hits.  While you might expect that a similar pattern would have appeared behind the second slit, this was not what happened.  Instead several vertical lines of hits were seen, not just two. In other words, an interference pattern emerged, much like a wave.2 The physicists were puzzled because after all, how could tiny pieces of matter create a wave like pattern?  Not knowing which slit the matter traveled through, scientists began to observe the travelling particle and guess what happened?  The particle went back to behaving like matter, producing a pattern of two vertical lines of hits beyond the slits. This conclusion brings us back to the understanding that the very act of observing a particle’s path, or the path of matter, changes the outcome to match that of the observer’s belief.  

What a participatory life this is!  From form to formless, collapsed potentials to unlimited possibilities; we have a powerful opportunity, and I would even say, responsibility, in front of us.  Our thoughts and feelings, or more clearly stated, our consciousness, determines the direction of life. The less we believe and the more open we remain, in each and every moment, the more potential we can welcome right here and right now, which some may call a miracle; true healing.  Possibility lives and vibrates within this very moment. This moment is all that truly exists. It is therefore time to challenge the idea of health struggles or a diagnosis so we can step into a more powerful position; for ourselves and for all. As I sit with this knowledge, I feel a call to action and if you do as well, I will end with sharing an exercise as my gift to you.  Cheers to your amazing health, my friend.


In this exercise we create a space to connect into the quantum field, becoming more energy and less matter.  We move our focus away from the busy, often programmed repeating thoughts of the mind and instead connect into all possibility, via a high vibration feeling state.  

Find a quiet space where you can spend the next five or so minutes without interruption.  Sit comfortably upright, with your hands either down by your sides or placed on your legs, palms facing up, signaling your intention to openly release and receive.  Now, choose a positive feeling you wish to experience, such as joy, gratitude or peace. There is no one feeling better than another. Simply choose one that feels right today.  Close down your eyes and begin to breathe a bit more deeply and slowly in and out through your nose, at a pace that is comfortable for you. Remain here for a moment. Next, sense the space within the center of your heart.  How does it feel? Is it calm and quiet or nervous and busy? Whatever it is, let yourself feel it for a few moments. If you are feeling any type of uncomfortable feeling in this area, assure yourself that you are very safe to release it now.  Next, begin to cultivate the feeling you chose earlier. Bring to mind places, memories or even people who remind you of this feeling or perhaps an image of you feeling healthy and strong. Let this feeling build in intensity; hand yourself over to it.  Let it expand first throughout your heart space and then outwards, through and then past your physical body, into your energetic body and then the space beyond. If your mind wanders simply come back to this feeling. Once you have let this feeling build and expand as far as possible, hand it over to the field, trusting this energy will be put towards good.  Finally, spend a few moments sensing and enjoying the space where all possibilities exist, where you are nothing, yet everything; pure unlimited energy. When ready, slowly bring movement back to your body and open your eyes.



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