February 5, 2019

2 Words to Lift us up when we’re Struggling.


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Be patient.

Let this moment wash over you. Don’t force it or try to make it into something that it isn’t. Just let it be. For in all its shortcomings, it is exactly as it should be—for reasons you don’t yet know, for lessons you have not yet learned.

Sometimes we forget that the journey is forever unfolding, and that it’s within the moment that the peace and stillness we seek exist. It’s easy to think that once we reach a particular outcome, or destination, things will suddenly fall into place. The problem is, even when they do, they soon morph and change again, and so the cycle repeats. The journey continues.

Be patient.

It takes a lot of courage to step back from your emotional state and look at your role in things. To own the pieces of yourself that are broken, or hurting, or empty. It takes a lot of strength to decide to work with yourself and grow beyond wherever you are now. You have to be brave. You have to embrace your vulnerability and transform. There is no hiding.

At times you might be fooled into thinking it’s easier to blame somebody else for where you are. Or some external thing. But on the other side is you—and the choices you made.

Recognising your own part in any given situation—and working kindly with yourself through it—can be hard. But in order to reach a space where you are no longer looking for someone or something to fill you up, it is necessary.

Be patient.

Our personal struggles often become the most defining points of our lives. While we’re going through them, all we can see is the struggle. But on the other side, looking back, it starts to become clear that we’re now changed—our character a little stronger, our intuition a little sharper, and our strength and resilience a little more accessible.

What you perceive to be weakness can be strength. We build ourselves this way. We grow and become wiser and carry the scars of experience. Celebrate them. They are uniquely yours. And if you were going to let them define you, then let them be your power, your spark, your light. Own them. Own this moment, and your journey.

So it’s important to be patient, if you are to choose to take responsibility for yourself. It might feel raw and foreign, but that’s okay. Wherever you are right now, it’s the perfect place to begin. Know that as you gently begin to peel back the layers, you begin to shift what is blocking you and feel what needs to be felt.

Be patient.

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cheryllsm1 Feb 11, 2019 3:25pm

I’m over here laughing at myself. I am one who when I set a goal I want it now, heck sometimes yesterday. I’m embarking on a huge crossroads in my life and I feel like I need some stuff to start falling into place NOW. Needless to say, I am not one for patience when it comes to myself. This is the fourth reminder in the past week that I need to settle down and be patient.
Thank you!

Nancy Reiss-Ferguson Feb 9, 2019 2:25pm

Thank you, exactly where I’m at right now.

Jan Feb 7, 2019 1:15pm

Thank you for your guidance contained in this article. You came to me at a time in need. Keep shining – Namaste

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