January 29, 2016

Begin Where you are Now.



We don’t need to be ready. Polished up. Or perfect.

We don’t even need to believe in ourselves.

To catch our wildest dreams, to take a chance on real love, to release our gritty art or wild words to the world, to soar past suffocating limitations and taste exploding supernovas sprinkled with tiny, twinkling gem stars on our excited, thirsty tongues—

We don’t need to be ready.

We don’t even need to feel like success is possible.

Because there’s something deep underneath our skin that’s stronger than we realize, something that burns with unbelievable, unparalleled, unfettered fire—

Not our heart. Not even our clever, fast-moving, thought-soaked minds.

Our soul.

Yes, baby, spirit’s in the building—

And it’s full of luscious answers, steeped in gritty, delicious truth, and budding with inspiration to boot.

So let your soul lead the way.

Don’t turn to others for advice.

Turn inward.

Tap into the silvery threads of your intuition—

Feel the pitter-pattering of soul stirring to life in your bones.

And be bold.

Begin where you are now.

Begin imperfectly. Begin with a head full of doubt. With a heart full of fluttering, mind-bending fear.

Begin with passionate, unbridled, toe-curling excitement. Begin with love. With knee-shaking, stomach-curdling terror.

Begin now.

Where you are.



Right now is juicy as hell.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, it will never, ever come.

The perfect moment,

To try, to experiment, to explore, to go for it—oh, yes, to go for it, no holds f*cking barred,

Is right now—

Because you don’t need to be ready. Polished up. Or perfect.

Sometimes, it’s even more succulent when you allow yourself the exquisite freedom,

To drop your scripted, shiny, sequined mask,

And be fully, deliciously—




And share directly from the wild, tender drippings in your heart.

And share directly from the bubbling volcano of hot lava magic in your soul.

And take that terrifying, awesome, life-changing leap—

Especially when you think

You can’t.

Because even if you fall, if you f*ck up, if you falter—

You will learn.

You will grow.

Don’t fear failure. Don’t fear rejection.

The only thing to fear is bottling up our fluttering dreams and burning desires until we lay, decrepit and dying, unable to chase our passions with relentless, heart-burning joy.

So take that leap—

That’s how juicy dreams are etched into brilliant realities.

That’s where the wildest, most meaningful magic always happens.

Trust yourself.

Take that leap—

Because you will

Find your wings.

Oh, yes—

You will.

Don’t wait ’til you’re ready. Polished up. Or perfect.

Begin now.

Begin where you are.

Right now.





Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/Vassilis


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