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February 2, 2019

Being over Doing: a Moment’s Reflection

Doing. Being.

The Spirit whispered to my heart, “Shhh. Be still. It’s not about doing. It’s about who you are.” 

Ayurveda defines the primordial cause of disease as forgetting one’s true nature as Spirit. 

What does all the endless striving matter? What even matters if not living in unity, alignment, and Love?

So often, busyness threatens my time. The feeling that I must do more and be better claws at my conscience. My mind races to analyze my productivity, to compare my accomplishments with those around me, constantly and gnawingly analyzing my work and my worth. 

The unimportant leaches energy from me, until finally I feel depleted and notice that I’ve spilled over and poured myself out for the trivial nonsense.

How do I protect the precious inner essence of me? How do I nurture it? 

Taking the time to get still, to reflect, to sort out the nonsense and sift through the layers of my heart. Until finally there is only the truest essence, the nectar, the gold. Peering into it and finally understanding that comparison has no place, striving has no place. This is pure Light, the place where God resides within. It is so delightful, pure, and beautiful that it shallows my breath and pauses my thoughts. 

This is what it’s about. Finding this, remembering. True nature as Spirit.

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