February 26, 2019

This is for the Wild Ones. {Poem}

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Years from now, will they talk

of us wild ones
as the caged up creatures
of the past

The ones who accepted
existing rules as a given,
slaves to a system they
didn’t think to second-guess

Will they look back
on us with pity
for how bleakly
we painted our worlds?

How we agreed to lines
we were to stay inside of,
and not too
bright or colorful?

Will they marvel at
how great of a number
of us were unfulfilled
for such a long time?

At how so many of us
never quite managed
to live life
by our own design

Will they look back
and feel disappointment
for such a lack of

Or will they understand
that we were just trying
to be who we were
supposed to be?

Will they shiver at
how we were brainwashed
to live by timelines
and set schedules?

How there was so much
we had to live up to
that the expectations
swallowed us whole

Will they wish
we would have seen sooner
these were all mere illusions
we collectively chose to believe

And that we, in fact, had
the power within us
to choose when and what
we desired to achieve

Will they smile when
they talk of the changes
the first cracks
that suddenly appeared?

That rocked and rattled
the good old system,
the start of a revolution it had
always fended and feared

Will their eyes shimmer when
they remember the moment
when some of us wild ones
finally woke up?

The ones who opened their eyes,
took control of their lives,
used the power of choice
to create their own luck

Years from now,
will they be grateful
for those wild ones who
showed a new, different way?

Who found strength
in their very own nature
and caused the good old
system’s decay

Because these were
the ones who remembered
the wild nature that
makes up our souls

That we at our raw core
are wild things
not meant to do
as we’re f*cking told.

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