March 1, 2019

The Most Important Question we can ask when Someone we Love is Hurting.


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How can I love you best right now?

Sometimes, this is the only question we can ask when someone we love is going through a heartbreaking and difficult time.

And this is a question I have been asking myself for a while, especially now as I watch my sister break free from a toxic relationship.

This is my response to her hurt, from my heart to hers:

Things change. Illusions shatter. Eyes open to undeniable truths. And in that moment, unconditional love will find you, take your hand, and help you face the storm.

It’s the only true constant in this universe. It’s the crisp breeze early in the morning and the soft light and warmth of a setting sun. It is the smell of a rose and the sound of drizzling rain.

Sometimes, unconditional love is all we can be for this person.

Unconditional love was made to find a broken heart—and to love that heart even more because its broken. It was made to see beyond walls so high they barely let the light in and penetrate even the darkest moments within. It sees the chaos of your being, and from it, paints a masterpiece.

Unconditional love finds you in any state you are in and stays—no matter what. It will never feel fractured, nor will it fracture you. It will never disengage and leave you feeling empty, isolated, and unworthy.

There is no prerequisite for it.

It just finds you.

It finds you because you are already worthy.

It finds you, and it surrounds and inspires you. It finds you and pushes you to be the best version of you. It delights in the things that make you happy, and it absolutely scorns the things that break your heart. It makes every effort with the people and things you love, and creates opportunities for joy and a full life.

Unconditional love asks, “How can I love you best right now?”

And it does so, until that breaking heart is ready to face the world again, whole—with a new strength, a new joy, and a heart at peace.


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Read 9 comments and reply

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