February 14, 2019

Love Her like she’s Never been Loved Before.


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She is a treasure.

Not your treasure—but a treasure to be respected, held, and known in every way.

A deeply lit sapphire—the ocean itself waves and flows in her direction.

Beware! She is both the rose and the thorn.

And she is beautiful.

Beautiful in all she knows, all she feels, all she is.

Her bravery is so f*cking beautiful.

It roars and whispers, both in the fire of standing up and speaking out, and in the softness to open to love and those immense seas of shaking tenderness that reside within her rib cage.

And maybe you notice the way she’s standing a little taller these days, speaking more confidently, embodying herself more fully.

Encourage it.

Nurture it.

Stoke her flames.

The best way?

Adore her.

Oh yes, with reckless abandon.

Adore every facet. Every groove of her skin and heart, of her fear and joy, her sorrow and delight.

See worlds in her smile. The ways stars glow in her hair. The delicate slope of her neck, and the wild, unrelenting flow of her ideas, her thoughts, her creativity, her curiosity, her joy.

See how it all swirls around with perfect chaos.

For she is a real-life, walking, breathing treasure—and her heart is a jewel. Respect it thoroughly, as you would a rare emerald that shines like bright blades of grass on the first day of summer, on a morning soaked with sun and dew. So vivid. So alive.

Feel her, touch her completely, graze your fingertips over her skin and let her unfurl—even more lush and silken and strong—in your arms.

Make love to her like you’re praying.

Look at her with the truth sparkling raw in your eyes that there is nowhere—absolutely nowhere—you’d rather be.

Get lost in the moment.

Get found together.

In the twisted tangles of bedsheets and beads of sweat that smell like honey and lilacs and the deep, salty mystery of the sea.

And let her roam free, too—release your touch and gaze—and see her fill her lungs with sun and cool mountain air and the simplicity that only solitude can bring.

Appreciate the beauty that blossoms when she’s dancing to the beat of her passions and doin’ her own thing.

Hear her.

Let her words inside you. Let them turn the key. Let them rattle around and open you.

Know her completely.

Make her yours without possessing her at all.

Make her shout with pleasure, with streams of ecstasy that flow thick like rivers and take her to paradise islands rich with silken bliss and draping curls of serenity.

And when you look at her, look at her like there’s nowhere you’d rather be. Nowhere in the world.

Feed her plump, thoroughly ripe strawberries and delight in how the ruby juice drips down her chin as you trace the outline of her lips.

Protect her, knowing firm in your mind how strong she is, too. But help her feel safe with the integrity of your presence, holding true to your promises, keeping your commitments, and showing up when you say you will.

But don’t ever forget to see her. To behold every cell of her being with your eyes, and how good it feels to stand agape, your knees shaking—

See her sparkles, her rawness, her realness, her humanity, her magic, and her determination.

Be bathed in her radiance. Let it inspire you as it soaks into your skin and makes you more into the man you always wanted to be.

Wash her with fine rose soap and see each of her muscles relax as the foam washes away to reveal the poetry of her naked skin.

Feel her.

Do not waste a moment.

When she walks in the door this evening—embrace her immediately!

Don’t wait. Fall to your heart and let her know how deeply you adore her.

Open to her. As she opens to you.

Touch her like she’s a treasure, forged in heat, found in the mud, and all the more radiant for the tough sh*t she’s been through.

Quite a mermaid she is, skimming the depths to find fresh light.

Quite a woman, she is.

Quite a tigress, made of roarin’ flames of ferocity and gentle lace whispers. And a thousand shades in between.

Penetrate her with all the care in your being.

All the soul you can muster.

All the beauty that’s threaded through the universe—

And her.

And you.

Get lost there.

Get found there.

In the lush delight in her curves, in the vast meadow expanse of her wisdom, in her laughter that tastes like the rich perfume of the earth when it’s just beginning to rain.

Know what it is to love a woman, like this—

With your heart, your soul, your mind, your eyes, and every fiber of your skin.

Let this love pour down on you, like warm, golden nectar.

Lap it up as you lick her.

Stroke her hair like it’s exotic grass.

Meet her in the tears and tenderness.

Oh, hear the bellows of her boldness and the sly, dark tones of her humor.

Wrap her in your arms and paint her body in a constellation of kisses, expressing freely your gratitude for having her in your life.

She’ll kiss you with a patient, slow-burning hunger, then sigh in deep-seated satisfaction, because you finally gave her what no other lover has before—

Your self. Your protective, strong, kind, real, sexy, masculine self.

And the permission, oh, the sweet and delectable permission—

For her to fall into euphoria,

Shiver with pleasure,

And let go.

And there, she finds such freedom. Such deep healing. It flows from within and without, like a waterfall, gushing…ever gushing…

So do it, you beautiful man. Let the power, the fire of your love itself be the ultimate gift.

Love her like she’s never been loved before.


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