February 14, 2019

The Ferocious, Soul-Level, Wildly Sensual Sex we can have with an Empath.

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If you’ve ever tried to ride the wave with an empath, you’ll know that they’re a different breed.

They soak up other people’s feelings like a sponge and see far beyond what the eye should see.

They are the watercolor paintings that bleed outside the lines.

They want you to uncover the diamonds at the base of their spine and the glittering rubies within their soul. They will never feel truly known if you do not. They are a treasure to be discovered by someone with no less than a warrior spirit.

If you want full access to the kingdom of their body, you must be interested in the palace of their mind.

An empath is consciously aware that their mind, body, and spirit are intermingled. They do not compartmentalize sex as a physical act, and conversation as a mental one. Every activity transcends all levels to an empath. For this reason, talking is just as valuable as any physical sexual act.

If you skip the introduction to connecting sexually with an empath, the main act will be a flop—quite literally, in some cases!

You wouldn’t take your food out of the oven when it was only half-cooked and start eating it. The same applies to sex: if you want it to be piping hot, you’d better read the instructions first.

Intimacy is the key to mind-blowing sex with an empath: they want you to want to know their depths and idiosyncrasies. If you shy away from knowing them, the doors of their heart will slowly close. If the emotions don’t feel right to an empath, you can forget about good sex—or any, for that matter.

Empaths thrive on touch. Whether you are cuddling and caressing or biting and squeezing, touch will bring their passions to boiling point. Spend plenty of time kissing them so they get to explore your energy without even taking your clothes off. Tease them with your tongue and kiss them like time is an illusion—you won’t be sorry!

They want to feel how much you want them. If an empath feels desired, it will spur them to bring as much pleasure and enjoyment to the sexual experience as possible. They amplify your emotions, so the more you put in, the more you get out.

Don’t rush it. The moments of anticipation count to an empath, not the final destination. Their sensuality is heightened amongst silk sheets and the taste of whiskey on your lips.

Try playing with their senses: use blindfolds or wrist restraints (if they are willing) and kiss their body from head to toe. Let your nails dig into their skin and enjoy them like you are sampling the most exotic fruits of the world.

They are fire and ice—and by no means shrinking violets.

The energy exchange between you both at any given time decides what type of sex you have. They can f*ck you with all the ferocity of a raging fire if that is the energy you strike within them, or make love to you like the deep waves of the ocean. Whether you are ripping each other’s clothes off or going for slow and sensual, it is all sacred to an empath because they are giving you access to every realm of their being. You may both end up with tears in your eyes without even knowing why; this is the effect of enhanced emotions brought out by their empathic nature.

They will ignite you and understand you on levels you may not even be aware of.

Look into their eyes to reach another level of connection. They see a thousand memories, heartbreaks, joys, and experiences within you. Let them have access to it all.

Don’t be afraid to talk dirty: let them know exactly what you want to do to them and how you want to do it. An empath will almost be able to feel it as you speak it!

Spend time working with their body and their energy entwining together with yours. An empath is not interested in getting the job done; they are interested in the experience and connection; the climax is a bonus. Delay it as much as you can.

To really connect sexually with an empath, you must be the receptacle in which they can pour themselves into. You will get the essence of every emotion and experience that has shaped them up until this point.

It takes a strong spirit to have fully connected sex with an empath. But, if you are open enough for this experience, it is well worth it.

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