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March 29, 2019

Mushroom recipe.

What I have today is a lesson for idleness. It can add a bit of time to a cooking ordeal, but then you are free to spice and apolgise.

I noticed that de-stemming mushrooms for a vegetarian pasta was leaving a lot of nature behind. I was wasting the roots of the vegetables for aesthetics.

So I came up with the idea to put them in the blender and fry them with the olive oil to make a nice base. Garlic, Ginger, Butter, Spices etc came and went before the diced vegtables were stewed or stir-fried. Then the closed-cups were added at the end to round off a richer taste.

And, other times, the quaintness of mushrooms meant I would simmer them aside in their own pan, to drain the water.

With Spring under way, there’s no doubt I will think of some other recipe machinations to drop in with. Let me know how you get on and how you improved a dish or stable diet.

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