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March 23, 2019

What is the different between hatha yoga and Kriya yoga.


Hatha yoga is the tradition of ancient India this is based on the principle of opposing energies. The word hatha is derived from the sanskrit word “ha” which means the sun and “tha” that is, the moon (ida & pingala). Hatha yoga is a combination of  asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, and kriyas, the practice of hatha yoga goes beyond physical exercise, it gives balance between the body and mind on higher forms of awareness through breathing and relaxation technique.

Kriya yoga

Kriya yoga  is a part of hatha yoga, kriya yoga focus on mind, meditation techniques and remove the obstacles in kriya yoga practitioner mentally directs his life energy upward and downward around the six chakras. traditional hatha yoga books have six cleansing technique sat kriyas. Kriya yoga is the technique of raja yoga and hatha yoga,

according to patanjali yog sutra, kriya yoga which aims to neutralize the causes of sorrow that are rooted in self ignorance and lead you to self –realization,

Tapah svadhyaya ishvarapranidhanani kriya yogah//pys.2.1//

Austerity, study, and the dedication of the fruits of one’s work to god these are the preliminary steps towards yoga.

Tapas-self discipline (austerity)

Svadhyaya-self study

Ishvara pranidhana –devotion to the lord


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