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April 24, 2019

Don’t get caught up in your emotions.

“Only when you know the difference between an Emotion an a Feeling,

you will learn to accept your state of mind.”


Don’t get caught up in your emotions. They are temporary. Feel them, by all means! Listen to them. Cherish them, if it feels right. But always remember, they are temporary.

It’s easy to get caught up or even get lost in the whirlwind of emotions because someone left from the center of your life. You feel left outside. You lost an opportunity or you didn’t get the chance to enjoy what you thought you deserve. What you deserve is to let go and don’t get caught up. You are free to feel and explore.

Go outside, take a look at nature. Notice that a butterfly never stays too long with the same flower? That the tides come and go? We have four seasons. Trees lose their leaves to come back to full bloom. And so will you. That’s why I prefer autumn over winter and spring over summer.

You’ll spend money and you’ll earn it back. You’ll eat your belly full only to be hungry within a couple of hours. Emotions come and go and if you chase them they will last longer. They can drag you down. Hold you back. Lower your spirit. Emotions carry their own weight but you should not carry that weight for them. Instead allow them to help you grow and set them free again. Use them to train your muscles of catch and release. If you chase winter around the world it’s easy to stay cold. If you stay in one place, the times will change and you will see the change within you.

Life is so full of metaphors. Everything is a lesson that shows you that with patience change will come. It shows you to keep believing. To keep moving. But don’t run away. Some days will be slow, and some will be so fast that you will lose track of time. Stay put to yourself, your inner self. What do you want? That? Be patient with it! Let the emotions flow like waves coming in. Sometimes they will crash, and sometimes they will gently touch base.

Be like water, fluid and unbreakable. Your emotions are only a phase.


Photography I (used with permission) by J. Supriana Photography

Model: Gabriela Dos Santos

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