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May 12, 2019

8 Important Lessons That Yoga Practice Helped Me To Learn

You probably heard this quote: yoga is not about the destination, it’s a life long journey.
I have practicing yoga since last 5 years and I don’t know how it has become my passion. It taught me a lot not just physical flexibility but more than that.

5 years before, when I came into this practice, my only purpose was to lose weight. I took yoga as a tool to learn how to twist your body, touch your toes, and how to breathe properly. I was trying hard to achieve that flexibility I see in my mentor’s body.

As time passed by, my interest in yoga grew more. I wanted to learn more. Suddenly one day a thought came into my mind, why I can’t become a yoga teacher?

As I was working in a corporate and living my 9 to 5 metro city life. The decision to leave that life and come into yoga was a little difficult. But my inner voice was continuously telling me to do what you want to do, try once, go ahead, etc. Finally, I listened to that voice and moved ahead in my yoga journey.

I know most people are unable to listen to their inner self and I am so lucky that I did it. Now I can say that yoga and reading books helped me a lot. Here in this article, I want to share some lessons I have learned through yoga. These lessons helped me a lot and I hope those will help you too.

Let’s have a look.

1. It’s never late to do something

We all have at least a person in our life who will say to you it’s too late to start a new business, follow your passion, travel around the world and so on. How can someone say like this and where it has been written that you have to stick a single profession in your life? I can say it so strongly because I have changed my professions thrice till now. I used to be a teacher, then I came into marketing now I am into yoga and I don’t have any regret on my decisions. You just have to be confident what are you going to do. The best time to do anything is now, so go ahead a do what you like to do.

2. Age is just a number

When I decided to come into yoga, my so-called wellwishers tried to convince me that I am old enough to do yoga. I should focus on household things, have a baby, do a good corporate job, etc. I can think today if they said the same to me some years ago, I might be convinced but over the period I got to know that life had some other plans for me. Your numeric age can’t define your life purpose.

3. Always listened to your inner self

If you are struggling with any situation or unable to take a decision, you might discuss your family members or your friends. But have you ever think that you only can give the best solution to yourself? If you are unable to listen to your inner voice, you will found yourself more stressed and confused. Sit with yourself, find your life values and work on them.

4. You can’t please everyone

Being an Indian girl, everyone expects from you a lot. Do like this, don’t do that, wear like this, marry soon, have a baby, do everything perfectly and so on. I am not against anyone but trying to please everyone is not possible sometimes. So I decided to listen to myself first, take care of my emotions first. Because I believe that If I am happy and healthy (physically and mentally), I can make my next generations happy and healthy.

5. Books are your best friend

Initially, I didn’t read to much except for my course books. I started reading fictions to kill my time but gradually my interest grew in reading more and more. Reading daily not only help you to learn something new but it broaden your horizon. They will be with you everywhere.

6. Your body is a temple worship it

Before coming into yoga, I usually didn’t do anything to be fit and active. Just ate junk food, slept late at night, felt lazy at work. It made me a fatty and stressed girl. Even I was not aware much about that I should take care of my myself. Problems were increasing day by day, so I joined a gym, hoping that it would help me to lose some extra pounds. But the gym was failed to please me. I felt bored there. Then I tried to do yoga. As I have mentioned before I joined yoga to lose that extra weight. Yoga took 2 years to make me realized that what I was doing till now with my body. I started taking care of my body more than before. Started adopting some healthy habits and those habits helped me to achieve my health goals.

It is my advice to everyone that like you care your precious things more carefully, you should take care of your body the same way. The only wealth you have with yourself is your health.

7. Your mental health is equally important

Now most of us know how to take care of your body. But we all forget to take care of our thoughts. Eating healthy food and doing daily workout will be incomplete until we know how to manage our mental health. Your healthy mental condition can double your effort to achieve overall health. Over the period I have discovered some ways to be mentally healthy:

  • Sit in silence at least 10 minutes daily
  • Keep your digital devices away from you while going to bed
  • Read some motivational books or listen to some light music before sleeping
  • Keep your digestion system healthy
  • Practice meditation
  • Don’t watch TV or read a newspaper which is full of false and criminal news
  • Hydrate yourself throughout the day

8. Listening over speaking helps you to learn more

We all have a common problem that when we meet someone or talk with someone, our main focus is to speak as much as possible. We even don’t want what the other person wants to say. We might think that we are good at speaking but it is an illusion. Only a good listener can be a good speaker.

When we speak we learn only what we already know but when we listen to others we learn something new.

It may be possible that you might have read the same things before. But my purpose to write this article is to make you remind that if you already know the things I have mentioned above, its time to adopt them into your habit and live more purposefully.

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on the same.

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