May 18, 2019

How to Stop Getting in your own way & Transform Resistance into Flow. ~ Daniella Smith


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I lived most of my life with the idea that life is hard, that getting where I needed to go would be difficult, and I would have to make sacrifices for it.

I understand that anything worth having in life comes through unbelievable amounts of work and effort, butand this is a big but—there’s a difference between something being effortful and being hard.

That distinction is the key to all success—if you define success as having inner peace and joy while you live your life.

I have healed my belief that life is hard and in its place is now unconditional allowing. My experience has taught me that feeling and believing that things are hard is the resistance that blocks the flow of life. That resistance confirms our beliefs, becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps us in a vicious cycle where we suffer and strain ourselves more than we need to. I now see all of my feelings of resistance as my greatest teachers and truth guides.

I know that if something feels heavy and dutiful, then it’s not in alignment with my highest truth. My antidote to the heaviness is letting go of the idea of who I “should” be and expectations of how things “should” turn out. There’s nothing that we have to be or do; everything is a story that we are choosing to believe. Choosing flow is more enjoyable, and from that place, we are limitless.

Resistance blocks creative flow. When I feel resistance, I let go. I allow for whatever wants to present and manifest. Once the flow of life presents those things to me, I choose to honor them, and put all of my work and efforts there. I know when I’m aligned with the flow of life because it brings me prosperity and ease.

My life flourishes unexpectedly and delightfully. Being in flow never feels hard or straining—no matter how much work it is, it always feels right and joyful.

It’s not that we want to rid ourselves from resistance—we definitely want to pay close attention to the information it reveals—it’s more like we want to transform that resistance from a wall that blocks flow, into a springboard to propel us closer to our truth.

We all have bad days, off seasons, and ups and downs, but continually feeling like our efforts are not being fully appreciated, feeling like we take one step forward while others around us take 20, or feeling like we have to work so, so, so hard to get tiny amounts of progress is a clear indicator of resistance.

If you feel this way, it’s time to reassess all of your belief systems, and look into the areas of your life where you’re attached to a thing, belief, or outcome.

Joy is the key to the door that opens flow. Look for what brings you joy and embrace it. Little by little, look at the small adjustments you can make to bring you closer in alignment to your unique truth.

There, you will find your flow.


author: Daniella Smith

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Jessica Ruff May 21, 2019 5:39pm

Beautiful, thank you for this!

jamesarthurfoto May 18, 2019 7:38pm

I can most definitely relate to this. Most of the time it’s us getting in the way of receiving. Still a daily practice for me to let go.

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Daniella Smith

Daniella Smith is a singer, songwriter, and all around artist from Los Angeles, using her voice to spread love and health to the world. She’s redefining the rules and challenging the status quo for the purpose of finding the best things in life through her art. You can connect with her on Instagram and her website.