May 8, 2019

For the Ones who Leave their Comfort Zone: 30 Immigrants tell their Powerful Stories. {Video}

We live in a world where there is so much division and fear around people from other cultures and ways of life.

We wanted to create a video project that would bring people together and show how much we all share the same humanity, love, heartbreak, and hope.

Out of that vision came the inspiring new music-powered short film, “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Who could be more perfect to tell stories about this subject than the people who left their homes, their countries, their friends and families for a better future? So we spoke to 30 immigrants from all over the world—some who came legally, some who came illegally. We gave voice to the beautiful variety of mindsets foreigners bring to this country and how much they enrich this society.

“Where Do We Go From Here?” is a hypnotic song about leaving our comfort zones, finding new ways, and being true to ourselves and our dreams—even and especially in hard times.

The Great Escape is a band of immigrants. Kristian and Malte came to California 15 and 10 years ago, and Cambridge-born Hanna Leess moved to Berlin, Germany, in 2015. Their song and video is a strong reminder that the United States thrives because of its cultural variety. It’s a clear statement against the fear of the unknown and for connection with people of different roots, nationalities, colors, or religions.

With that in mind, we hope you’ll begin to ask yourself: Where do we go from here?



author: Chance Foreman

Image: YouTube

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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erinbaileywallace May 29, 2019 3:38am

What an incredibly beautiful video – thank you for sharing this reminder that we are ONE <3

kdrodriguez82 May 20, 2019 1:02pm

Incredible. Beautiful.

jleona06 May 15, 2019 9:56pm

This video really resonates with me and strikes a personal chord. Both of my parents immigrated from their countries for our family and I’m a first generation US citizen. Thank you for capturing such a beautiful response to the future of our immigrants/family members/loved ones ❤️

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Chance Foreman

Chance Foreman is the founder and director at That Step Productions. He believes we have the power to shape the future through the films we make. Chance’s oeuvre spans narrative film, documentary, and music video. Chance is a true poet and inspirational storyteller dedicated to the power of words.