May 9, 2019

For Anyone who needs a Mother this Mother’s Day.


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For many, Mother’s Day is a time to honor the woman who carried us in her womb, labored us into this world, and then nurtured us into adulthood.

Our Facebook feed turns into a stream of family photos with children expressing gratitude for the unconditional love they’ve received from their best friend—mom.

Florists are sold out and we walk past grown men and women on the streets carrying bouquets with only one person in mind—mom. Restaurants are brimming over with families laughing, complaining of long wait times and full bellies all in celebration of one person—mom.

For others, we can only watch the hustle and bustle marking this occasion from afar. For some, our mother has passed away. There are those of us who are estranged from our mother, or never met her, or possibly even come from an abusive home. On this day, our hearts can feel tender and sore for the mother we never had, the mother we dreamt and longed for, or the mother we loved and lost far too young.

Know that you are not alone—and for anyone who needs a mother this Mother’s Day, let me stand with you as a surrogate:

When your tears begin to fall, I will catch them from your cheeks.

When your heart aches from grief, I will hold you tight; sit with you in silence when you feel too tired to speak knowing that you will get through this.

When you fall and feel like a failure, I will place your face into the palms of my hands, reminding you of how precious you are to me.

When you achieve that dream you’ve been reaching for all these years, I will cheer and holler and laugh with giddiness because your happiness fills my heart even more than your own.

When you’ve had a long day that leaves you feeling weary and tired, I will lay beside you and rest.

When your nose is stuffed and you’ve caught that bug going around the office, I will bring you a cool compress, some chicken soup, and make you your favorite dinner.

When life disappoints you, we will pause and get back up together.

When you feel ashamed, I will look you in the eye, seeing your worth with an unconditional love that nothing can blemish.

When you feel fear, I will be your steady hand holding you firmly in my grasp letting you know that it will be okay.

I will pay attention to your needs, bring warmth and tenderness to your sensitivities, take pride in your accomplishments, and stand beside you when you fall.

I will be here waiting for you, always.

For anyone who needs a mother this Mother’s Day, I will be your surrogate. You may call upon me today and every day. 


author: Alyssa Rachel Gross

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Image: @walkthetalkshow/instagram

Editor: Naomi Boshari

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f_lunet May 12, 2019 11:56am

For someone who has lost her mother and who’s mother’s birthday is also today, I really needed this. Thank you <3

marcsheeran May 12, 2019 10:45am

Thank you Alyssa for your ‘heartfullness’. As a man who didn’t experience a lot of mothering your article helps me feel a valid part of the human family. If you ever need a surrogate father – I would be privileged to oblige.

Warm wishes

WizzenWitch May 11, 2019 11:07am

I hate
Mothers Day – it always reminds me how I wasted my life, isolating myself from my own family in UK, to bring two sons to give them the best of life in Canada as things were looking grim in England – in 1981. Only to have them disown their father and myself for their own reason telling me I am only their mother biologically. To know their father was in emergency hospital after suffering a seizure, even though one daughter in law is a manager in the continuing care unit and I called to let her know and no one even called to see if he was alive or dead – And I am trapped alone in Canada with a man with advanced Alzheimer’s – I celebrate it for all mothers with caring children and am a fur mum to our bebe girl Ms Tilly Mint Mint xx Sorry for the downer HOWEVER – You have nice children who appreciate you, so you are rich in blessings EVERYDAY… Happy Mothers Day xx

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