May 14, 2019

Mental Health: Read these 15 Lines when you feel Worthless.


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I see beyond your diagnosis: a letter to my soul.

I see you daily. I know you by name.

I know when you were born, where you live, who your insurance company is, and what you’ve been diagnosed with.

But I am here to tell you that in my eyes, you are not reduced down to any of that.

I see beyond all of this.

I see beyond your darkest secrets, and the suffering that entrapment brings. I see your determination to move beyond the past. I see beyond your failings and remorse for all that you regret.

I see your longing for forgiveness, mostly toward yourself, for the actions you’ve chosen.

I see beyond your rage-full anger, both directed at yourself and others. I see the opportunity for peaceful and meaningful love.

I see beyond your heartbreak and hardship, beyond the pain and sorrow. I see the deep well of release that occurs with each wave of sadness.

I see beyond your deepest fears and the anxious worries you have about the future. I see your full range of resourcefulness and capabilities.

I see your great desires, boundless curiosities, and opportunities for vast new beginnings. I see your expansive range of depth and bountiful possibilities.

I see the immeasurable courage you have to bring these forth.

I see your intrinsic nature from deep within.

I see your essence.

Do you?

author: Joanna Barrett

Image: @Ecofolks

Image: Alex Iby/Unsplash

Image: Catherine Monkman

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Joanna Barrett

Joanna Barrett, MA, RYT, is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher, offering counseling and mindfulness to clients with emotional and physical challenges, as well as those looking for stress relief and relaxation. Joanna’s personal and professional experience in holistic wellness and mind-body modalities for healing has led her toward guiding individuals to reach their full potential for optimal well-being.

She earned her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University, and has approximately 1,000 hours of yoga and mindfulness training. Joanna has completed trainings and workshops with South Boston Yoga, Judith Hanson Lasater, Joshua Summers, Rebecca Conant at Om Births, Bo Forbes, Sue Jones at YogaHOPE, Kate Graham at Soulful Yoga Therapy, David Emerson at The Trauma Center, and Amy Weintraub, as well as Elena Brower and Seane Corn.

Joanna is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, American Psychological Association, National Counseling Association, Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association, and Yoga Alliance. She is a national speaker on Psychotherapy and Mindfulness for Emotional Wellness, and is also a published writer for Elephant Journal, Identity Magazine, The Pathways Institute, Yoga Girl, and The South Shore Yoga Collective.