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May 28, 2019

Living With Intent – 7 Stages Of Grief Alignment

Finally reaching acceptance, currently living in authentic grief  I was now ready to journey into my own theme of grief stages that saved me. I mean SAVED me.


‘Living With Intent’

1. Express  Emotional Journaling: A journal acts as a free talk therapist…”someone” you can spill all your feelings to, no matter what, without judgment. Getting your emotions down on paper can help you to process difficult times as well as help you with sorting out general emotional difficulty. Using a journal to self-express can relieve anxiety, help you to understand negative emotional triggers, and resolve problems in your daily life.

2. Meditate  When we connect to our breathing consciously, we connect to the present moment. Quite your mind to tap into your deepest intentions: be open to receive the messages the universe sends you — and allow that knowledge to guide you.

3. Be Present  Put down the balls you’re juggling for a moment. Let’s embrace the beauty of mono-tasking. The act of being present is, in a sense, a meditation without meditating. Stillness comes from action – breathing, attending, witnessing, releasing and breathing again. This simple cycle can profoundly change the way that we experience our world. Mindful living will help connect you to your life purpose.

4. Rejuvenate – Disconnect. Reassess your life. Get away on a day trip. Pamper yourself.  Cleanse. Yoga Dance.  Declutter your home. Schedule time for a divine self-care ritual in the morning and evening. Create a vision board. Do nothing.

5. Awaken – Turn your attention inward and observe yourself, placing your attention firmly in the present moment. The NOW. Be mindful of your thoughts. Analyze your feelings. Pay attention to the sensations in your body. Feel your breath. Engage in self-examination. Survey your situation and surroundings from a higher perspective. The goal is to retrieve what was locked away within us, to re-establish contact with our higher centers, and ultimately remember who we are. And it all begins with self-observation and listening to your heart.

6. Connect – Self-compassion: Take 20 minutes daily to honor our bodies, our minds, and our spirit. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. In giving thanks my blessings will multiply. When we focus on gratitude, we teach our brains to look for positive things in our world. Be still. Meditation is medicine for the mind and healing for the soul. In meditation, we allow stillness of our minds, and this is how we connect to inspiration.

7. Eat Healthy – Mindful eating also known as Intuitive eating aims to reconnect us more deeply with the experience of eating. Enjoying our food is what we are after. Here are some examples:

  • Know Your Food: Considering the health value on your shopping list. Fill most of your cart with the Produce Section and avoid center aisles and check-out counter.
  • Savor the Silence: Reflect with gratitude before you begin eating. Silence phones. Shut off the TV. Focus on “how” you eat, not what is around you while you eat.
  • Savor the Flavor: Smell. Chew. Taste.Bring all your senses to the meal. Take time to enjoy the flavors and textures. Chew 25 times to prevent overeating.
  • Small portions: Limit the size of your plate to 9 inches or less. Smaller plates will help you with portion control. You crave less if you see less.
  • Utensil Release: Putting down your utensils between bites will allow you to enjoy what you already have in your mouth. The Mindfulness Raisin Exercise.

And so to EMBRACE the lesson of grief is to remember them with “more love”,

By purposely aligning your grief with these above methods, that you can be mentally healthy during the process of dealing with a significant loss.


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