May 3, 2019

May 4th New Moon: It’s Time to Embrace all that you’re Capable Of.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

Lately, I get the impression that we’re all stretched a little too thin.

Saying yes to too much. Giving up on our creativity because of overcommitments and lack of boundaries around our ideas. Giving away our hopes and desires because we got lost in the clouds instead of rooting deep into the earth.

We’re not alone.

We are all in this cycle together and it’s time to grasp the long handle of our visions and feel the grip of our fingers stretch against the wooden splinters of time and begin again.

The new moon on May 4th is our safety net. Our reset button.

It’s a moon that will allow us to say yes to ourselves and no to what creates a stringy and weathered mast around our hearts. No to what makes us feel strung out and lost at sea.

It’s time for us to come back to ourselves and remember how to put pen to paper and create, create, create—if only for the sake of knowing ourselves and our needs once again.

This new moon is readying us for expansion and newness while understanding where and how and when boundaries are needed.

It’s a time to be in reverie of what we’re capable of when we allow ourselves to open up to our hearts and feel into the vision of what could be if we just let it in and don’t give it away.

Consider this: what will you say no to in order to make space for your dreams? Comment below and let us know.

You are not alone. Let go of what needs going. Open up to the muse and see what flies in now that the space is here.


Night wings

They stretch and gather

at my shoulder blades

they open and close with each heartbeat

these wings

they fly me to the sun

and moon

Icarus watches as I climb and descend

he shows me where to stop and turn

I will not burn up

I will not fly away

Only I will soar.

And into the rapid beating of my heart I will learn what I am capable of


I will learn.


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Read 30 comments and reply

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