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May 17, 2019

One thing that Pro-life folks & Pro-choice folks can agree on.


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One thing that Pro-life folks and Pro-choice folks can agree on: we all want to reduce abortions.

And what works to reduce abortions—sex ed and access to contraceptives?

One thing that endangers life—the baby’s and the mother’s—back alley illegal procedures and suppression.

This isn’t about abortion.

This is a false wedge issue foisted by politicians who don’t care about life (Alabama is among the worst in the US in infant mortality, but they’re anti-healthcare).

Think they care deeply about their fetuses? They don’t even care about their babies: “Alabama is in bottom 5 worst states for infant mortality.”

This isn’t about fetuses. This isn’t about babies, or children—they’d support parental leave and healthcare, if that was the case. They’d support education.

This is a false wedge issue, and millions of us on both sides are buying into it. ~ Waylon Lewis

Read: “No one is pro-abortion,” on Elephant Journal. It includes a video, by Waylon Lewis.

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