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May 1, 2019

Tips to Becoming a Great Neighbor

Regardless of the kind of community you live in, there are still some basic principles you should take to be a good neighbor. The ultimate purpose is to stay in harmony with your fellow neighbors, and yet, though this is not always feasible, you may at least do whatever it takes to prevent hostilities and long-lasting hard feelings.


Keeping it Down

No one expects you to stay silent, but you should also consider certain fundamental principles when it comes to making a bit much noise. If you have loud or yappy dogs, try to find a way to get them to quiet down. A lot depends on where you live, what kind of dwelling you inhabit, and the habits of the neighbours. Sound acceptability on the street filled with families and older people is different from an apartment structure occupied by single twenty-somethings or college students.


Being Friendly

In our experience, neighbors are the people who live near us, and their behaviour determines our everyday lives. Nice neighbors will make us feel comfortable and encourage us, and everyone gains from a better relationship with neighbors. In my viewpoint, there are a few prominent expressions of the qualities of a great person. A nice person is someone who is polite and approachable.

You don’t have to be best friends with your neighbors, but you should at least be able to say hello to that individual and receive some sort of friendly response, as opposed to glaring or ignoring them. While the fact that somebody is reserved or shy doesn’t automatically make her or him bad person, unapproachable neighbors create a more painful and uncomfortable living situation.


Keeping Clean

If you have dogs, you’ll want to take them on long walks, but clean up after them wherever they go. If your neighbor has dogs, you know how annoying it is if they go on your lawn. So clean up after your own dog. Maybe you need a dog poop guide to ensure that you don’t let your dog go in the wrong places. Dog poo on city sidewalks, city streets, staircases, alleys, plazas, courtyards, parks and job entryways leads to trouble. Most neighborhoods have dog bags accessible, but you’ll want to have your own just in case.

Also, you’ll want to be neat about putting your trash on the curb.  Make sure to put your trash properly, and don’t accidentally swap recycling or trash bins– a common enough error.


Being A Great Neighbor

It is important to consider what characteristics define the great person. In my opinion, the good neighbor is both positive and courteous. To start with, a good neighbor must be positive because our lives are full of unexpected emergencies. These sorts of neighbors help out when things go wrong.


Helping Hands

For instance, when a nearby family’s barn burnt down, locals came to help out. It was a painful experience as it occurred in the midst of the fall and the family lost most of their possessions. No one was hurt, but there was a lot of emotional harm.

The family was helped by a caring person who called the fire department when he saw the burning and who also offered the family with clean clothes, food and a place to stay for the night. This case proves how crucial it is to have a kind and supportive neighbors when the emergency occurs.

Often, you can demonstrate good neighborliness in small ways, such as by greeting new neighbors with a nice dish, or inviting them over for tea or a small lunch. You also should be gracious, and greet them when you see them. Let them know the rules of the neighborhood. Let them know what you’re willing to share and what you’re not. If you have disagreements, be willing to communicate in a polite fashion.

Because we are impacted by the activities of people around us, how our neighbours do is crucial. A good person will make our lives significantly easier, while the bad one may make us unhappy.

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