May 14, 2019

Until Expansion Do Us Part: a tale of Conscious Uncoupling.


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I have been in the throes of the most delicious and bittersweet heartache for some weeks,

savouring each and every gut wrenching moment
as every tinge of pain only serves to make me feel more fully human, alive, and cracked open to Love itself

After six months together side by side, day and night
We each took a month to feel
whether or not our destinies are still aligned

Until expansion do us part and
that time is now

Yesterday we came together
to bless each others onward journey
We had intended for a closing ceremony
but what unfolded was a type of magic you can’t plan for

We spend all afternoon in the bathtub
Holding each other
Hugging each other
Kissing each others face
Massaging each others body
Stroking and washing one another
Laughing hysterically at the cosmic drama of being human
Thanking each other for

All while our friend brought us ceremonial cacao, fruits and candles as the sun went down

We cried for hours
Tears of pain
Of love
Of gratitude

Not fully comprehending why
we feel pulled in opposite directions
Why we can’t just choose the
comfort of holding on
when the love is so strong
We surrender instead
To our only faith:
The Golden thread of our intuition
Calling us home

We arose from the amniotic fluids
just as our skins were about to peel off


Ours is a love that has transformed me to my very core
Leaving me never again the same as before

No matter who and what comes next,
You will always remain one of the best things that has ever happened to me

More than ever
I am happy to wear a symbol of our experience together
etched into my skin
reminding me love like this
does exist
and that it’s all worth it
it’s always worth it.

author: Imaya Sabine

Image: @imayasabine / Instagram

Editor: Julie Balsiger

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Imaya Sabine

Imaya Sabine is a human experience student & expert. She breaks down esoteric teachings and psychological insights for happiness, mental health, and emotional equilibrium to actionable, everyday life practices.

Diagnosed with depression and hospitalized for her mental health at age 20, she decided to leave the world of modern medicine and psychotherapy behind and travel far and wide in search for real answers. After a decade of searching and experimenting, she has not only healed her own mental illnesses, she has become a model and mentor for a new kind of well-being and freedom that the world is just beginning to recognize is our future.

Imaya demonstrates how our human experience and spiritual path are one and the same, and how we can use our daily life for spiritual awakening just as much as a yoga or meditation practice could. She brings spirituality down to Earth, as well as expands the current limitations of psychotherapy by recognizing that all our mental and emotional neuroses are rooted in the forgetting of who we really are.

She is currently writing a book, does public speaking and podcasts, and shares daily on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud. Imaya believes that access to mental, emotional & spiritual health should be easily & affordably accessible to anyone, which is why a subscription to her virtual curriculum is only €20/month.