June 11, 2019

I’m Learning to Let Go, Open my Heart Wide & Receive. {Poem}


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What does it feel like to receive?

To land in the feathers of wings wide open.

The acceptance of receiving,

the plunge into open waters, rich with lessons of acceptance.

Breathe in

breathe out





What is given shall be blessed.

It shall circle round—again and again,

transmuting and replenishing.

Stepping into the arms of another,

heart wide, drinking from the well of love.


The deep, dark expansiveness of letting go,

into purely receiving.

This foreign language often lost in translation.

Receiving, relishing in remembering how to receive.


Caving in, hibernating in the shadows of this grand gift.

Won’t you come out to rejoice again?


“Ah. It is here, a breath in, surrendering, heart opening, shoulders back, feet planted firm—I am open to receiving!”


For this is often unforeseen, unacknowledged, and most certainly,

exiled back to the hands of the giver.


The intimate romance of the giver and receiver,

eloping in unlimited possibilities.

They swim upstream through experiences,

tidal waves of remembering this lost art.

Let the grand gifts open you,

hold you,

and begin to receive.

author: Sophie Haber

Image: Author's own by Eliot Hodges

Editor: Naomi Boshari

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Sophie Haber

Sophie Haber is a storyteller in the many shapes and forms that mold from her passions. She is inspired by her travels, the wilderness, and the senses. The first cocoon of storytelling came through her photos as she would weave together these elaborate tales through imagery. As her world began to expand and her feet took her places deeper into the unknown her experiences became stories. Words found rhythm and took shape.

Having studied alongside midwife and School of Shamanic Womancraft teacher, Jane Hardwick Collings her world for the sacred was seeded. She finds her essence through connection and deeply listening to others she sits circle with. Honouring these cyclical thresholds of life she is inspired to be of service to these rites of remembering.

More recently, Sophie has dived deep into the world of writing. With the inspiration and grace of author, writer, and circle facilitator Janet Lucy she has blossomed her passion to write. She has become a Certified Writing Circle Facilitator and is excited to sit circle with others who feel called.

You can connect with her on Instagram.