June 26, 2019

Venus & Cancer: A Powerful & Romantic combination to Deepen our Connections. {July 3 to 27}


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


From July 3rd to 27th, love and beauty planet Venus is in the sign of sensitive and romantic Cancer, allowing us to deepen our connections.

This marks a few blissful weeks where we can be softer, sweeter, and more attuned to the feelings of the people around us.

Those under the sign of Cancer are not afraid to plunge below the surface when it comes to emotions, so if you’ve been struggling to work past something, or even just wanting to increase intimacy with someone in your life, now is a great time to do it.

Venus wants us to find harmony in our lives, and gentle water sign Cancer is all about forging authentic relationships. Cancer is known to have a keen intuition and high emotional intelligence, so this astrological combination increases our desire to make peace, to grow closer, and to find a sense of home within our relationships.

While this is not the best time to embark on a new love match (Mercury in retrograde July 7th to 31st tells us to slow down and firm up existing plans, not to spiral off into initiation), this is the perfect time for nurturing relationships—whether with yourself, your partner, a friend, or a family member, Venus in Cancer is all about deepening connections

Venus & Water Signs

Water signs represent our emotions—their ebb and flow and their effect on our inner reality. Water is associated with depth of emotion and spirit, with the changing tides of our feelings and the way we can sometimes get swept away in the current.

Venus in Cancer affects both the ways we react to and experience love, and the way we express that love to those around us. These transits often encourage deep feelings of love that shake our souls, rattling us to our cores. 

Being overtaken by romantic feelings for our partners, realizing how much they mean to us and contribute to our overall happiness, is not out of the ordinary here. We might also be suddenly overwhelmed with respect and appreciation for a family member who does a lot to help us.

Venus in Cancer is an excellent placement for soothing wounds in relationships, simply because we are infused with an overarching sense of appreciation for each other.

All of these gracious and gregarious vibes will encourage a healthier and more positive energy to flow from yourself to those around you. 

This is a perfect time for a little self-love too! I know I’m harder on myself than everyone around me, so Venus in Cancer lets me mellow out, take a deep breath, and give myself some deserving pats on the back. Recharging with nature walks, baths, crystal therapy, journaling, and affirmations will produce amplified results in this transit. 

Think About Other People

There is an energy of familiarity, loyalty, and deep admiration for your loved ones. Cancer is a sign of dedication, and Venus is the planet of love. The marrying of these two forces creates an energy of respect and love for our friends and family, and can promote deep connection and harmonious communication.

Cancer is a sign of showing, of action. This transit also encourages us to act in service of others, volunteering our time or going out of our way to show our affections for our loved ones, and even mankind as a whole.

With this energy, however, comes an air of caution. You might feel the need to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful energies. Instead of focusing on keeping everyone safe from harm, focus on gratitude for the comfort and safety you already have in your life, and try to remind yourself that everything happens for a reason.

Behind every discomfort or heartbreak is a lesson or a secret blessing, so try to remain calm in the face of pain and remember there is meaning behind every circumstance and event in our lives, whether or not we see it at the time of impact.

Sensual Venus demands love, beauty, art, harmony, and passion. Surround yourself with good friends, fabulous food, exceptional works of art, mellifluous music, and loving vibrations when Venus enters Cancer to express your gratitude for her influence as well as offer your energy to her presence.

Venus will work to encourage experiences that allow you to reclaim and express your emotions, tapping into your deep well of creative, imaginative, loving, and curious feelings.

When you allow this influence to help you properly express your emotions, you lessen the likelihood that your emotions will become hard to handle or grow out of control.


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