June 27, 2019

Full Moon in Capricorn: Secrets & Truths Exposed.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


On July 16th, we will have a full moon in the disciplined and resilient zodiac sign Capricorn.

What does this mean?!

In astrology, the moon guides our emotions and moods, so when people talk about going crazy during a full moon, they’re talking about this effect. Full moons are even more powerful when combined with an eclipse, and sure enough, this July 16th, we have both a full moon in patient and responsible Capricorn, and a partial lunar eclipse in Leo, this could be the time for a major change in your life.

Full moons bring a lot of powerful, charged energy our way. As the moon rules our emotions and our subconscious, this can be a time where our feelings dictate our reactions much more than usual. The moon can sway our emotions, but it can also be a powerful chance for us to work on and use our intuition to best effect.

The moon is ever-changing when it comes to phases, but it does follow a 28-30 day cycle that allows for us to do regular check-ins if we know how to use them properly.

New moons represent a time of new beginnings, planning (new moon in Cancer coming up July 2nd), and planting new seeds. New moons are also a great time for cleansing rituals and ideas—preparing for what’s to come with the full moon.

Full moons, toward the end of the cycle, are all about putting those plans into motion—we are seeking fulfillment, a sense of accomplishment, and completion. All the things we’ve been planning and dreaming about over the last few weeks after the new moon can now come to fruition—so changes are sure to abound.

Here are a few things to expect with the July 16th full moon in Capricorn:

A Spotlight on Relationships

Relationships are always put through their most serious tests during a full moon event. Full moons have the ability to bring things to light, illuminating secrets, and providing answers to things we’ve kept too long in the dark. Some of those secrets and answers are painful ones, and some relationships will be put to the test.

Don’t be afraid of this challenge! 

Instead, look at full moons as opportunities to face the truth in your relationships, grow stronger, or find a reason to move past any issues. Now is the time to unload those toxic feelings, habits, and people from your life. It’s also the time to let go of the dead weight that’s been holding you back. Now is the time to give your full energy to people, projects, and thoughts that benefit you.

There is a tendency in the overachieving Capricorn personality to not talk about feelings or to hide anything that would make them seem like they aren’t in control. With the sun still in the opposite zodiac sign as Cancer, this should provide a safe counterbalance to that energy. And if you play it right, the combination of these two energies can have you meeting your goals, working hard to achieve them, and not being afraid to share what you’re really thinking.

Close chapters and finish projects

Capricorn is all about getting it done. But in a full moon event, it’s not about starting things, but ending them. Things that you began under the new moon in Cancer (July 2nd), can now start to come to a close. This can be a project, a work experience, or even a relationship.

It doesn’t have to mean ending relationships, but maybe closing the door on your current state. You may go from single to engaged during this period, meaning a death to your previous relationship state, while birthing another.

Look back over the things you began two weeks ago, and see those details getting tweaked for the endings and resolutions that need to be resolved.

Keep your temper in check

Remember that karma plays a hand in everything we do (what goes around comes around), and your temper might get the best of you right now. Emotions run high and unexpected events are on the rise—taking some of us by surprise. This could happen with the most even-tempered among us, as our dirty laundry gets dragged out of the closet. But, don’t let your initial frustration get in the way of you reaching your long-term goals.

Reputation-centric Capricorn is great at being the bigger person, so taking on those qualities when anger clashes come your way—and they will—can ensure that your rewards are greater in the long run. The full moon has you feeling vulnerable, no question, but try not to take anything personally, and keep your intense energy at bay—it will pay off. Being irrational and reacting emotionally to unexpected events in either work or love, will not benefit any of us.

Secret portals open wide

A full moon event (of any month) is the one event from astrology that you can count on to reveal secrets. The answers you need in key situations are going to come to light with this full moon in Capricorn. A retrograde Neptune is in play with this full moon as well, so expect even more revelations and truths to come forward during this period.

These will be emotional ones with the sun in Cancer, and with Neptune in Pisces. And some of them may be painful. Remember the reward of honesty is a reward in itself, even if you don’t exactly like what you hear. When time has passed and you have processed all of these open secret portals, you will discover that you have had burdens lifted in the process. Acknowledge and be grateful for the secrets that come your way. In this case, as is the case with every full moon event, the truth really will set you free.

It all comes down to this moment

This full moon energy starts now, and it lasts for the 48 hours following, ending on July 18th. This is a powerful period and it all comes down to this moment when of really owning your power and taking control of your destiny.

You don’t have to be perfect. If you’ve made mistakes, it’s called being human and all that means is, you’re doing something right. Did you learn from them, is the important message? If so, it’s just time to close up shop on whatever or whomever is not working for you, and open the doors to…whatever will.

Take these tips to help you prepare for and deal with the full moon in Capricorn. Remember, what you focus on grows and the seeds you plant during the new moon in Cancer can start to sprout by the full moon on July 16th.

Dream big with all of your opportunities this month, and if you are following your own heart, it’s all going to pay off, big time!



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