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June 14, 2019

How to Achieve World Peace in 4 Intuitive Steps

Did you know that the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, said that intuition is the source of scientific knowledge? Are you aware that individuals like Einstein, Tesla, DaVinci and Jobs attributed their revolutionary epiphanies to moments of intuitive inspiration? More importantly, do you realize that your intuition is designed to bring you and all of humanity peace? Well it is! We are all intuitive and possess the four foundational skills for achieving collective harmony. Although we didn’t learn these vital disciplines in school, we can easily gain knowledge of them now . . . and in so doing . . . save the world.

The solution to world peace has always been right under our nose. Or really, just above it. Within our minds reside four innate senses, which are intended to aid us in achieving personal balance and global peace. So why haven’t we used these skills to date? In recent history, our religions and social systems disallowed their use, demonizing them and labeling heretical. Whether this suppression was nefarious or simply due to the cycle of time is irrelevant because today intuition is once again being embraced by the mainstream.

Not only did Forbes recently publish an article entitled, “Intuition is the Highest Form of Intelligence,” but thanks to scientists like Albert Einstein, Lynne McTaggart, and Masaru Emoto and their discoveries about energy, interconnectedness, and how thought coalesces energy into reality, what used to be fringe thinking is now the center of scientific study. Armed with this enlightenment, now everyone is intuitive – and with the use of our cornerstone instincts, we can find innovative solutions for ending corruption, greed, and hate, while instituting acceptance, cooperation and peace simply by following these four intuitive precepts:

  • Clairvoyance means clear seeing and is the act of witnessing images and impression, not with your physical sight but inwardly, like a dream. As you witness the energetic scenes in your mind’s eye, you receive information about your health and wellbeing. Moreover, this sense also offers perspective regarding other people’s diverse points of view, allowing for mutual understanding and healing.
  • Clairaudience is another cornerstone instinct that means clear hearing. This sense allows you to hear frequency vibrations inwardly. When you recall words that your mother spoke to you at age six, or hear a song playing in your head, it’s your clairaudience bringing you more of your information. Yet, this skill also lets you hear the truth of others so you can find common ground.
  • Clairsentience is known as the empathic skill that means clear sensing, tuning you into your feelings and emotions. It also attunes you to the emotions of others, which plays a vital role in our ability to empathize with others and find consideration for our differences.
  • Lastly, claircognizance, meaning clear knowing, is likely the first intuitive skill you are born with as it aids you in traversing the unknown while you learn to trust yourself and live your most authentic life. However, your ability to know is also instrumental in accessing innovative global ideas with the potential to reinvent our harried daily routines, bring the earth into balance, and even unite opposing ideals.

When individuals can perceive themselves and their circumstances from their intuition, they automatically become more peaceful toward themselves and others. When we witness, experience and know how energy connects us all, we instantly realize when we harm another, we harm ourselves. This revelation causes a softening in our hearts toward one another. Furthermore, this type of perspective makes every person their own authority, the benefits of which are enormous as it creates equality amongst people regardless of their color, creed, status or orientation.

But in truth, the greatest value these skills offer is in allowing children (at an exceptionally early age) to learn that have the ability to change the landscape of our cultural ideals. If we want to end gun violence, alleviate mental instability, and eradicate hate, teaching our children to use their inner senses to witness the implications of their actions is our best hope. When the bully recognizes that her behavior comes from a core self-loathing, and that by learning to love herself, she wouldn’t need to make others feel badly, she can consciously alter her conduct. Same is true for the shy child who recognizes that his introverted nature stems from being overly sensitive to others’ emotions, and that learning to hold energetic boundaries would allow him to be more extroverted.

Fixing the world is not that difficult. In fact, our four cornerstone instincts were designed into us for that very purpose. So, while your core instincts have always been working, you may not have been aware of them or taken them seriously as a guidance system or means of finding personal and global peace. However, in a world that is destroying itself faster than alternative healers and environmentalists can fix it, we must start using our intuitive sense if we truly wish to create peace once and for all.

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