June 28, 2019

Each Astrological Sign has specific Emotional Needs & Boundaries.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Love is a complex emotion.

It’s hard enough to figure out why we love someone—or not—much less give and receive.

Astrology can help give you insight into the ways you should express your love and the expressions you need to receive to feel truly loved and appreciated. The type of affection you need and how you’re likely to express it can depend on your moon sign and your seventh house.

You know about your zodiac sign, but what do you know about your birth or natal chart? When it comes to love, communication, and relationships, not knowing could cause you a lot more trouble than you need to suffer!

We know the 12 zodiac signs, but many of us don’t know about the 12 astrological houses. Just as each zodiac sign represents a different collection of qualities, so to do the astro houses.

Want to understand more about your communication style? Look to the signs and planets in your third house. Have you always wondered why you have such strong opinions on your health and whether or not you follow a routine? Your sixth house can point to this.

The seventh house reveals information about how you relate to people one-on-one and what you expect a relationship dynamic to be like. This house is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and the sign Libra, which is about partnership.

The moon sign represents your emotional needs, and, if those aren’t met, you can be sure you will not feel content—and the same goes for your partner.

Each Moon Sign’s Emotional Needs

Your moon sign is simply the sign the moon was in when you were born. It speaks to the inner emotional side of you that you may not reveal to people or may not be obvious to others because your outward personality has its own traits based on your sun sign and rising sign. Knowing yourself is an essential ingredient in any healthy relationship, and understanding your moon sign will help you communicate your own needs.

Aquarius. You need someone who will give you space and stimulate your need for big ideas. They will also need to understand your desire to spend time on humanitarian efforts.

Pisces. You need someone who embraces your outside-the-box thinking, your need for a creative lifestyle, and who will be accepting of your loving nature, which you share with everyone.

Aries. You need someone who understands your need to keep moving, not spend a long time getting things done, and can handle your direct communication and how you speak bluntly about how you are feeling as well.

Taurus. You need sensual comforts and need to make decisions on your own and in your own time. Being pushed on anything will only make you stand still longer.

Gemini. You need to be able to express yourself and to have a variety of new experiences to feel okay. You need to have intellectually stimulating conversation on many topics due to your curiosity and the need to be accepted for your childlike playfulness.

Cancer. Partners need to understand you need time alone but also lots of affection because you get overwhelmed and need comforting. They must allow you to give to them because you have a need to nurture. You also like to be home in a cozy spot to cuddle.

Leo. You need attention and to be able to lead something. Partners shouldn’t try to dim your light when you are trying to pursue things they may not feel comfortable doing themselves.

Virgo. You feel comfortable when you have a plan and organization, as well as when you are able to do things thoroughly and have a problem to solve. Partners should let you take your time and let your mind order things without criticizing you.

Libra. You need to fix issues in relationships, so partners must be willing to talk and let you debate. You need to work things out in your mind this way. Partners need to know you want justice to be served so you will spend energy on those causes. You don’t like to be alone, so they need to let you have friendships.

Scorpio. You are a sexual human, so a partner can’t be afraid of your carnal appetite and must be willing to open up and talk about their feelings with you. That is how you understand people and feel safe.

Sagittarius. You need to be able to travel and expand your knowledge of the world through new experiences. Partners can’t be intimidated by your happy and cheerful demeanor with others because this positivity helps you feel okay.

Capricorn. You need stability in your finances, work, and long-term goals, and you need to work hard to feel satisfied, so partners can’t get on your case about it. They need to create stability in their own life so you feel secure with them.

How You Express Love, Based on Your Seventh House

The seventh house is not only how you express your love, it can also be what you are drawn to in others. Often it reveals what we admire in others because we actually want to figure out how to develop those traits in ourselves. This explains that “opposites attract” saying. Ultimately, it can reveal the type of traits you look for in others just as much as your own behavior in relationships. 

Aquarius. You express love by sharing your visions about the future and supporting your partner in their soul’s purpose. You need space and you need someone who wants to help the world. You may be drawn to revolutionary minds or activists.

Pisces. You express love through your emotionally supportive and caring nature instead of traditional flowers and a daily routine. You need someone creative who is loving and non-traditional. You’re likely drawn to artistic and non-conventional people.

Aries. You express love by telling others what you think they need to hear and passionately wearing your emotions on your sleeve. You need someone motivated, direct, and willing to take the lead. You’re likely drawn to confident and outspoken people. 

Taurus. You express love through food, making a nice home, and helping others feel the comforts of life. You need someone who lets you be yourself and isn’t controlling. You’re probably impressed by people who take care of themselves and their home, as well as those who keep their word and take time making decisions.

Gemini. You express love through words and silliness. You need someone who appreciates your curiosity for life and loves to travel like you do. You’re probably drawn to people who are playful, encourage you to try new things, and are good with children. 

Cancer. You express love by nurturing others through food and helping them feel good, no matter what it takes. You need someone who is willing and happy to commit and be attentive to you. You’re probably drawn to people who are compassionate and take time to do things for others. 

Leo. You extravagantly express your love from the mountaintops. You need someone who is happy to let the world know you’re in a relationship and someone who is confident. You’re also probably drawn to leaders and risk-takers. 

Virgo. You express your love by helping people get their life organized or by fixing things they need help with. You need someone willing to receive who is not exorbitantly sloppy. You’re also probably drawn to people who are tidy and enjoy long conversations.

Libra. You express love by creating harmony in the relationship through open dialogue and by inviting friends to join you, sharing in your experiences. You need someone who is also social and cares about human rights. You’re likely drawn to people who take up a cause or speak up about what they are most passionate about.

Scorpio. You express love through intimacy and deep conversation. You need someone who can look at their dark side and yours without fear but as a learning exercise and someone who isn’t ashamed of their body. You’re probably drawn to people with intense personalities.

Sagittarius. You express love through philosophical comparison and pointing out the integrity in others. You need someone intelligent, positive, and compassionate. You’re likely drawn to animal lovers and thrill seekers.

Capricorn. You express love through your consistency and commitment. You need someone loyal who can weather the storm of emotional tides with you and who shows responsibility. You are most likely drawn to financially responsible partners and people who value family.

Be patient as you get to understand how the moon sign and seventh house reveal your needs and how you express love. Observe how the couples around you behave and look at their birth charts or ask couples you’ve known a long time if you can see their birth charts.

Astrology is like learning a language but can also be an accurate road map to improve your relationships. It helps you understand you have many layers, and the way you perceive someone becomes more well-rounded by looking at their chart to understand how they tick.

Alternatively, understanding your own multifaceted needs and personality is available to you through this tool of astrology, so you can express your needs and style of affection more clearly and articulately to others. 


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