February 7, 2019

Venus & the 12 Love-Styles of the Zodiac.


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Cultivate cosmic self-love and romance through astrology.

Ah Venus! We all know that somehow Venus connotes love. She’s the Roman goddess associated with sexual desire, beauty, wine, roses, and all things abundantly lovely.

She’s so lovely that she was born of the sea, and bears resemblance to many other lovely forms of the deity: Aphrodite, Lalita, and Lakshmi.

Most people don’t worship Venus as they did in ancient times, but her symbols and meanings aren’t lost on us today. The energy that Venus represents is very much alive and all around us.

Of course, Venus energy is so lovely that it can spook easily—often disappearing or running away at the first sign of discord or fear.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, romantic, sexual, and beautiful thoughts are flowing through the air. Whether you’re single or partnered, this is the time of year when many pause to reflect on how they love and want to be loved.

As a professional yoga and astrology teacher, I deal with Venus energy through the placement of the planet in astrology charts. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry too much. The different zodiac signs have different ways of interacting with the energy of love, desire, and beauty. Below, I’ve outlined 12 different love styles as expressed by the zodiac. Examine each of them to see how these energies might manifest for you, your partner, or other loved ones.

Pro tip: You can use the energies below to relate to sun signs (the sign associated with your birthday)! If you have access to your full chart (which you can find online), check out your Venus sign for even more information!

The twelve love styles of the zodiac:


Aries energy loves a good chase. People who express this sort of love energy approach love and beauty by knowing what they want and passionately seeking it out. The wisest people seek out beauty and love in themselves first, and are careful about coming on too strong to a partner, particularly if their partner has a Venus or sun that needs a gentler approach.


Taurus is one of the two signs that Venus loves the most! Taurus energy is comfortable, kind, and deeply abundant. Wise Taurus-energy people approach loving themselves and others with lavish comforts and steadfast commitment, and allow themselves to find the love they seek from both within and from others.


Gemini love energy needs to stay interested for beauty and love to take root long-term. The wise do this by dating someone mentally stimulating, keeping themselves entertained with lots of games and friends, or simply taking a keen interest in their own inner landscapes. When this love energy meets others who love mental stimulation and deep inquiry, it’s a match!


Cancer energy needs to give itself a little love first, and then nurture others. My advice to Cancerian individuals is to make sure the self is nurtured, and then if they do choose to partner up, make sure that both partners can equally give and receive comfort and love. It can be tempting but harmful to give without receiving.


Leo love energy needs to be admired as a powerful force of nature. It’s best when individuals do that for themselves. The wise Leo archetype can look in the mirror and point out their own magnificence! When admiration is mutual, it’s the perfect time to start a partnership.


Virgo energy needs some organization in order to feel safe enough to share love and beauty. The wise take a moment to define their boundaries with themselves before entering partnership. Clarity about what is needed in love allows opening up to a partner to happen with trust, desire, and ease.


Libra is one of the two signs where Venus is most at home. Creating beauty, love, and compassion comes naturally to Librans. The wise are sure to consider their own desires before falling head over heels into another person’s vision for their love life. When Librans find a person whose visions match theirs, it’s promising.


Scorpios already know what they want, deep down. Unfortunately, in our mentally-driven society, deep intuition and feelings are often devalued. The Scorpio task is to stay in touch with their deep intuition and let that guide them more than anything else. Scorpios do well to stop reading horoscopes and instead listen deep within.


Let’s get the party started, because until Sagittarius love energy can answer the question, “Are we having fun yet?” with a resounding “Yes,” they won’t be able to feel love. Sagittarius’ challenge is figuring out how they can bring the party to themselves before inviting a partner in. If a Sagittarian is already having fun, the pressure will mellow on any potential mate, and a healthy relationship can flourish.


Capricorn energy people need to know that relationships don’t have to be all about security, safety, and social/professional achievement (although those things are important). The Capricorn love-task is to see if they can allow a partner to simply love them in their imperfections. If a Capricorn archetype can find a partner who offers some goal-oriented challenges and growth, all the better.


Aquarians need to be themselves before they can love others. If an Aquarian is an eccentric in hiding (hey, it’s okay to mention your collection of Elton-John-inspired outfits on the first date), they’ll not be able to feel true connection. Wise Aquarians let their freak flag fly out in the open. When they do, they generally find partners who delight in their quirky charms.


Everyone is beautiful and wonderful in their own way, aren’t they? Pisces archetypes are among the most wonderful, beautiful people, and their task is to love themselves fully and find grounding within. Remember, it’s okay to fall in love a little with everyone, but it’s important to find self-love in order to be in a healthy, wonderful partnership.


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