The Secret Life of a Scorpio.

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I’m what you might call a “triple threat.”

My Sun, Moon and rising signs are all in the water element. That creates a strong, emotional nature with extreme sensitivity at times. It also gives me a hard outer shell (scorpion and crab bodies), with a soft and vulnerable inside.

Let’s put it this way, it is hard to even write this article because it feels like I’m “revealing” a lot about myself. That’s overwhelming and, yes, extremely vulnerable for my Scorpion/Crab nature. The tough outer shell of these creatures makes me seem strong to others, but on the inside, I am much softer and more sensitive than you can imagine. It’s a tough dynamic to navigate at times!

In the Vedic system of astrology, my Rising and my Moon sign are in Scorpio, while my Sun sign is Cancer. I consider myself a veritable expert on all things water sign, especially in the Scorpio realms.

I’ve been living it and breathing it for over 30 years and have danced with the extremes of the Scorpio nature, tested its limits and fallen into many a murky and dark abyss. And yes, I’ve stung, been stung and stung myself. Repeatedly.

The symbol of a Scorpion is not lost on me.

I’m also less and less afraid of the darkness that is part of Scorpios nature as time rolls on. Time, as it turns out, can bring some relief to those of us navigating the unknown territory of the 8th house on a daily basis (as a Scorpio knows innately). Scorpio directly correlates to all 8th house matters. It’s the house of death, our greatest fears, loss, disease and those things that we avoid most because of certain pain and misery. It is associated with vulnerabilities, the past and the future, sex, mysticism, the private parts and excretory organs.

Before you say, “ew,” think about how important, how vital, all these parts of our life are. The letting go, the release of the known, the surrender of past and present, the depths of life that go way beyond the surface of life. It’s a house that can not (and should not) be avoided.

On the positive spectrum of things, the 8th house is linked to transformations and transcendence, as well as mystical and occult knowledge and of course our sexual nature. When life gets tough, we naturally get tougher; which is the essence of the eighth house.

It forces us to surrender. To disarm and let go.

We scream “uncle!” at the top of our lungs and wait in our self made prison for relief to arrive. And if it arrives, we are determined to change, re-direct ourselves, to rise above and out of the trenches. The eight house is indeed hidden, unseen, and thus relates to the unseen and hidden realms- both internally and externally. Our pain after all is solely connected to our shadow. A Scorpio is determined to shed its shadowed self which is why Ketu (the “planet” of liberation and moksha) is considered exalted here.

All Scorpios understand more than the surface of life—which is both a blessing and a curse at times.

The depth of our understanding is what liberates us and also what hurts us the most. When others are enjoying life and its frivolities, a Scorpio is likely at home working hard to overcome some obstacle—self created or not. And isn’t everything self created? A Scorpio thinks so, but more importantly, we know so. And when you know better, and you know you should know better, well, that’s when trouble can arise.

This is when the self stinging can escalate. This is when addictions can happen—as a means to numb the pain, stop the self inflicted tendencies, or as an escape route. But most of us figure out at some point that addiction to drugs and alcohol are yet another self affliction mechanism, and so we must end this too and overcome this trap as well.

After getting out of the addiction and dependency cycles, we realize we are back where we started (not a highlight of our existence!) Back with the pain, the torture, the endless emotional upheavals, the intense passion—passion that the majority of the world would gladly have a bit more of if they could tap into it and harness it for their own purposes.

We live it. We breathe it.

And learning to handle this level of passion takes strength and perseverance. It must be channeled effectively or it will burn us. It’s also the main reason we are so misunderstood by the other signs, and why we doubt ourselves as a result.

Our innate, passionate nature can make us wonder if there is something wrong with ourselves? Well, is there? This level of passion is due to the planetary ruler of Scorpio, Mars. A fiery planet, the warrior, the planet of action (karma), Mars is a doer. He does things with courage and power and he doesn’t think about it. Oops. (The thinking planet is Mercury and not surprisingly, Mars and Mercury aren’t friendly towards each other).


The tell tale sign of Scorpio’s infamous “moodiness” is the fact that Moon (planet of emotions and our inner nature) is considered debilitated in Scorpio.

That makes for an intensified, gooey center for this sign. One that I am all too aware of since my own natal Moon is in Scorpio. (This is where my expertise comes in! And also, please don’t judge this placement in black and white terms and with labels!) It also indicates the level of sensitivity that a Scorpio has (and needs) in order to understand the depth of its own nature. If we didn’t have the depth of the 8th house, the ability to navigate the darkness within us and around us, nor the sensitivity to traverse the heightened perceptions necessary to go beyond the mundane, well, we’d be….. an earth sign. Like Taurus, our polar opposite. Which we are attracted to by the way.

Isn’t the grounding and the stability appealing? Even if we claim to be repulsed by it, there is an attraction/repulsion dynamic here that, as a Scorpio, believe me, I’ve investigated! And we all need stability and support, perhaps a Scorpio more so than the other signs, and that is why our opposite, our mirror, is indeed the Taurus.

It’s tricky to be a Scorpio. It’s tricky to love a Scorpio.

You really have to want to love us. You can’t do it half assed. We’ll get rid of you quickly and we will know if you aren’t trying very hard; a very unappealing trait to a Scorpio! We have no patience for uncertainty and a zero tolerance policy on lying, cheating, stealing and the like. And if we even sense that these things are occurring, you’ll be cut loose. Quickly and stealthily.

We plot, carefully, before the final decision (or execution) is made. And when we are sure, for certain, we don’t go back. Done is done. If any sign knows finality, it is the dear Scorpio. (Eighth house of death, hello!) As I write this, I give a little Scorpio snicker, thinking about how scary this might sound to others. How lethal and how daunting. Is there any reason why anyone would even take a chance on such a person? You might even think that Scorpios deserve the bad rap that is all—pervasive in the astrological realms.

It may seem as though we should be wrapped blatantly in caution tape, but don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. Mystery has its greatness. The depth of the Scorpio nature will be a reward to anyone who takes the time and effort to love us, and love us well. Make no mistake about it. We are thorough (understatement) and this carries over into everything we do, especially our relationships. All we ask for is loyalty and trust. In a Scorpio’s eyes, that is not a tall order. It’s basic. It’s simple. You do it and you are in for life. You fail and you are out—fast.

Here’s how to win over a Scorpio and stay a winner:

1. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

2. Consistency and follow through. Consistency and follow through. Consistency and follow through.

3. Speak the sweet truth. (Emphasis on sweet).

4. Dare to be different. Be unique. Stand on your own terms. Share authentically. (It’s tres hot by the way.) And we can tell when you’re not legit 100 percent of the time.

5. Be kind. Be compassionate. Always.

6. Don’t play games. Don’t. You will never win with a Scorpio.

7. Sting and be stung. We can sense manipulation a mile away. Don’t try that with us.

8. Loyalty. Which means you must be true to your Self first, above all, then you can be true and loyal to a Scorpio.

9. Communicate and share your feelings. You clamp down, you get tossed. You must be open to personal growth and actively engaged in it. It takes a lot to keep up with our constant transformations.

10. Stick around long enough and you will experience the depth of love and the sweetness of true partnership. But this will take time. Have patience.

No one can beat the intensity and passion of a Scorpio. And when we bring it, we bring it on strong. We also like to share our passion, love and gifts with others (if we trust you!) This may mean a very small circle of friends for a Scorpio. In fact, it may look like a Scorpio has many friends, but in fact if you asked them, they’d respond that they have just one or two close friends only. Looks can be deceiving. How Scorpio of us.

Small and comforting is okay with us. As long as that small circle of support is the real deal. Not many people will be brave enough to stand in the dark abyss with us. Nor withstand the constant transformations and recreation processes that we go through.

It takes a very special person to be comfortable with darkness, depth, emotion, passion, mysticism and the fire of the Scorpio nature. Like with anything in life, the effort you put in, directly correlates to what you get out of the experience. You’ll have to put in quite a bit of effort and be willing to grow within your self as part of the deal, but the rewards will outlast the sweat and tears. It will be well worth your time and energy. Guaranteed.



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Bonus: Elephant’s founder Waylon Lewis in astrology:


Author: Saraswati J.

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Wikimedia Commons

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eileessuth2311 Jan 17, 2019 1:04pm

Why do Scorpio’s have to be so Different!! In every direction, step, there is a lesson to be learned, in my world!

anonymous Jan 16, 2016 12:20am

cappy here. learned all the scorpio stuff during Saturn transit thru scorpio. hubba hubba

anonymous Dec 27, 2015 6:33am

According to Vedic astrology I’ve got a lot of Aquarian influence, and have to say I prefer it to the Western interpretation (ie stepped-on Pisces). From my experience of Scorpios, I’d say they’re people who secretly don’t want others to be happy, and hate anyone doing better than them – even if they try to be that person’s friend, they will try to wrangle it so that person never comes up for air. Also not very active people – generally trying to work out how to rule the world, or to date, from behind a computer screen. Over-reliance on technological stuff. Rarely, if ever, smile or laugh heartily. Very stuck in rituals, rude, and rather polarized as people. I cannot warm to them nor their poison – they think they are being clever – I have them sussed.

anonymous Dec 26, 2015 10:58pm

I googled “why is it hard for a Scorpio to keep a friend long term”, and your article came up. In my Natal chart, 8 of my houses are Scorpio, as well as my sun sign. Your article i is the first time I’ve ever experienced someone understanding and relaying to others what it’s truly like to be us. I find it often very painful and unforgiving, yet I find much pride at the same time. Tonight, I’ve realized after giving 8 months to a friendship that finally felt like a person with similar qualities I find important and loving every moment, I have the intuitive feeling this one is dying, as all others have done in the past and I wonder if it is possible for people like us, people that define the sign Scorpio, to ever truly find those “lifer’s” who will be p patient and work for that prize. Until reading your article, I’ve always known what I was hiding from when I became addicted. I’m intrigued to find I’m not alone. I no longer hide from the darkness or deep emotions through drugs (10 years successfully clean), instead I hide by simply keeping my walls up. On the outside, as you well know, is a different world. One day, I have faith I’ll meet someone and trust when they say they want to know all of me. Until then, my walls will remain erected. Thank you for being open.

anonymous Nov 5, 2015 7:37am

Sun in Scorpio, rising Pisces, moon in Gemini. Squishy AND thinky! Makes for interesting fights with myself.

anonymous Oct 25, 2015 3:46pm

My sun, moon, and 3 planets are in Scorpio. There are days my head feels like a battle zone. Lol

anonymous Oct 24, 2015 11:56pm

ThankYou! Always learning and always will be. I can’t believe how awesome it is to have this gift in my birthday, it’s truly something. I wish you a sincere happiness and I invite you to keep up that courageous spirit in everything you do. You make a big and lifechanging difference, you bring it on to this world. Thank you!

anonymous Sep 10, 2015 8:29pm

I’m a cancer women in love with a Scorpio man I want to tell him with all we been through I don’t know if he feels the same we been off and on for seven years and stop talking completely for 3 we recently started back talking and I don’t want to lose him again I kno I want to spend my life with him and I don’t kno if he still wants to be with his ex I’m scared of rejection what should I do……

anonymous Sep 9, 2015 1:36pm

I love a scorpio man for almost 3 yrs. Ive gotten the ice cold for days even a few weeks but we still manage to work through it. Im getting the ice cold treatment again. Ive said i was sorry right away even know its not my fault.This time we discussed him moving out or staying and working through it. For 2 weeks Ive left him alone and moved to another bedroom and gone about my business, but still said hi bye kissed his head before i leave for work. I finally asked him are we gonna get through this or are you done with me and moving on? I get Idk. Asked again a few days later…again Idk. I need to do us or move forward as me. Any advice?

    anonymous Dec 14, 2015 4:29pm

    I am a Scorpio sun, Venus and Mercury. When I was yonger I have done this to my partner when I’m holding grudge, there was usually something I am not happy about but thought he should know me better instead of having to ask. I struggle to tell him what it is that I am upset about, during those times there is much internal conflict within myself. I have learnt over time that not everyone sees and feels as deeply as I do, what seems obvious to me are not neccessarily noticed by others, so it really pays to explain and express myself better rather than making people guess. Being more open about my feelings definitely helped my relationship, but having said that if my partner has not earned my trust over the years, there is no chance I could be this open with him. It’s all about trust and it takes years to build, I must thank him for being so patient with me. 🙂

anonymous Aug 2, 2015 10:05pm

So I totally falling for a Scorpio right now, it’s completely unexpected and exciting. Can someone do one of these type of articles for Capricorns? That would be neat. Thanks for this one though as well, because I can already see some of the truth shining through.

anonymous Jul 16, 2015 6:17am

absolutely true! ever since my relationship with the girl i loved fell apart, i have been trying to find out reasons and faults in me. off late i have been so speculative and judgemental about everything thats been going on in my life. But after reading this I have found some solace that maybe i am not entirely wrong and indeed its true whats done is done. People that i loved so dearly never truly saw the depth in me and that's where it hurts the most. Although i am down and broken now, but i know i will get up again.

anonymous Jul 12, 2015 9:34pm

I’m a Scorpio and people keep telling me that I’m one of the calmest and safest people they know. Then there are others that feel vaguely uncomfortable and can’t tell you why because I’ve done nothing overt.

And on the third hand, the most common adjective used to describe me is “intense”.

I know I certainly don’t feel dangerous or like some sex magnet … but then people sometimes act like I am.

So ultimately I’m a mystery to myself sometimes …

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 9:46am

Hi x I’m dating a Scorpio man , and it’s been a roller coaster of a ride your article describes him to a T ! The funny thing is as a Capricorn I can keep him grounded and be his voice of reason , We are very much in love ❤️ And good together, but sometimes even I ( being earth bound ) feel frustrated (((giggle))) thank you for writing this article , it validates my understanding of my mans personality

anonymous May 13, 2015 2:07pm

I agree with many of the others, very accurate. Thanks for writing this.

anonymous May 5, 2015 10:55am

Thank you for this illumination of Scorpio nature. I am also a triple water- Pisces sun, Cancer asc. and Scorpio moon. Didn’t realize the Scorpio part until just a couple of years ago and am only just beginning to get a handle on it.

The depths, and navigation in non-verbal territory are hard enough to deal with and stay connected to everyone else, but tossing that shell element in along with the quick intolerance of anything that is not “true” really makes it hard to feel a part of what the rest of the world wants to interact around.

This explanation will help me release some of the self-flagellation I engage in around it.

Again, thank you.

anonymous May 5, 2015 3:44am

So completely accurate! I shared your list of “how to win over a Scorpio” with my husband. Told him to think of it as a how to guide to living with me. Lol. The part about when a Scorpio is done, they’re done is 100% accurate. Most don’t understand me and find me harsh, however I ain’t got time for other’s bs. If I sense disloyalty or dishonesty of any sort I’ll cut you lose quick.

anonymous Apr 1, 2015 5:14am

I am a Scorpio / Libra Rising. I face the strongest traits of the Scorpio every day. The transformations, the darkness and love thereof, intense passion and emotions. But the Libra pulls me. I appear strong yet conflicted to those closest to me. And there are times I feel very weak and conflicted. But I saw a lot of me in your article.

anonymous Feb 16, 2015 3:41am

Pretty much me in a nutshell and then some!!!!! 10/31/65

anonymous Feb 5, 2015 9:50pm

thanks for sharing… I saw myself… that’s very me… that’s us… scorpio clan!…

anonymous Nov 28, 2014 6:15am

Im a virgo sun,scorpio moon and scorpio rising.Everything is sooo true.Sometimes,theres this urge in destroy people that seems to be happy with their life,unaware of the dark reality.I may be sadistic sometimes…ok…maybe most of the time but maybe its because I too yearn the happiness that every other people seems to be experiencing.Sometimes,i really wanted to get out and escape from the dungeon im trapped in but to no avail.Anyone has the same feeling that I have been experiencing?

anonymous Nov 2, 2014 12:47pm

This was beautiful to read! I am a sun sign Libra and as such I do have some of those airier tendencies but my rising sign is Cancer and I also have very heavy influences in Scorpio, Venus, Pluto and Mercury. I never quite understood why I was so much moodier darker and much more intense and emotional than a typical Libra until I began to look at my natal chart in detail. Ever since I’ve been beginning to understand my deepest nature everything seems to make much more sense. “Know thyself.”

anonymous Oct 8, 2014 6:43pm

I was reading your article with a friend (although she is my beloved first) in mind who is a Scorpio. I concur with whatever you have written about them! Indeed this is going to help me in building relationship with her! 🙂 Love

    anonymous Oct 31, 2014 5:40pm

    Glad the article helped Abdul!

anonymous Oct 4, 2014 10:53am

What’s with this obsession with Scorpio people trying to give out messages warning to be scared of them? It’s a bit ridiculous

And have you all ever wondered why scorpio cannot stand other scorpios? Both try to control and manipulate each other. ..

Thank God you freaks are paired with poor pisceans….

    anonymous Oct 29, 2014 2:18pm

    Actually scorpion do very well with others scopions, fyi 🙂

    anonymous Jun 10, 2015 2:54am

    Actually I in my experience Scorpio's get along well with other Scorpio's seeing as I am one and you are not. Scorpios do not manipulate the situation at first… They are generally analyzing and seem quiet at first. Then they get slightly bold when they feel like they understand all parts of the new situation and say something mystical (often with calculated with multiple meanings) other Scorpios are generally the only sign that realizes what just happened then they quickly move into the first layer of opening up to each other. While you are still confused or unaware about what just happened as It took the scorpio three months to open up that much to you.

    anonymous Jun 29, 2015 6:19am

    It's not ridiculous.

anonymous Oct 3, 2014 1:58am

Sun Scorpio, moon Capricorn. Identified with so much of this, especially that protective shell. Most people see me as unconcerned about what others do and say when the exact opposite is really happening with my emotional state. One other true thing, as I get older I have found that there are something that are easier for me to accept and live with. Like the deaths of people I love and the ending of some relationships. I have come to accept the change simply happens at times and is very necessary, I still ask why, I always need to know why, but it's become easier to accept most things without having all the answers.

anonymous Oct 3, 2014 1:29am

Unfortunately the author is misinformed and the article is misinformation. The article is just a collection of western astrology's stereotypes about Scorpio, it's not even "Vedic". The author isn't even a real Scorpio but a self proclaimed Scorpio based on an entirely different system e.g., Vedic astrology, yet uses the traditional western interpretation to guide the content of the article. Essentially anyone can be a Scorpio, just find an astrology system that lines up with what you think/intuit you are. If you have the time to educate yourself check out this article at on the inconsistencies in vedic astrology:

In the meantime why not be upfront about your actual rising/sun/moon sign (seems like you're not as fond of it as your "adopted" sign of Scorpio)

anonymous Oct 2, 2014 6:23pm

Get over yourself. You're just an imperfect and beautiful human being, like everyone else, not a mythological creature. I know: I am clearly not worthy of the scorpion's unsurpassed love nor capable of understanding its deepest soul. Woe is me.

anonymous Aug 20, 2014 10:42am

This brought me to tears! I’m a Virgo Sun/Libra Moon/Taurus Rising woman 1.5 yrs Into a long term relationship with my Scorpio woman. This article is I think her to a T. She came out of a wicked end to a 14 year relationship with her first partner about 5 years ago. Doesn’t sound like she knew much about how to be with a Scorpio. Now, how to be my best Virgo-y, Earthy, process-oriented, let’s talk and work on things self and be the best partner for her? I already am definitely those things you said she needs, with a few I could definitely do better at. Having something to work on makes me feel even more loyal and determined and want to be her constant. How much to expect her to meet me partways in my Earthiness so that my needs are fulfilled? Seeing this article in my Facebook feed today was no coincidence I think. Thank you.

anonymous Aug 3, 2014 9:49pm

Fellow Scorpio here. Don't forget Ketu co-rules Scorpio which is part of where all the confusion arises and wasn't mentioned here. May help.

    anonymous Aug 5, 2014 9:36pm

    Very true Frank! I mention Ketu here: "A Scorpio is determined to shed its shadowed self which is why Ketu (the “planet” of liberation and moksha) is considered exalted here." Part of the confusion perhaps? 😉

anonymous Jul 29, 2014 6:56am

This made me laugh out loud. Cause my sun is in Aquarius and my moon is in Libra. Both air signs yet these — more like ALL of them — resonated with me. Specially with how I wrestle with the dark side of my nature and wariness for expressing vulnerability. I'm very friendly and but trust is a BIG issue and only reserved for those who have proven themselves worthy of it. I'm also comfortable with discussing death, both actual physical death and symbolic death. In fact it's always in my mind, along with concerns about personal growth and sex, et al. I find those topics normal. A lot of people would say that I'm a typical Aquarian though, specially with the frivolousness and somewhat ditzy behavior. Those who did me wrong though reconsidered their opinion. Looks CAN be deceiving ^^

I am an Aquarian/Libran who is secretly a Scorpio. You can just imagine how crazy that is as Aquarians are detached from everything in degrees that other signs would never understand, while Scorpios are fearsome in their intensity and passion; I am both. Everyday is a tough balancing act. I guess the influence is coming from the Pluto and Mars in my vedic chart; I just can't remember on which part they fall on. *laughs*

Good article. Keep 'em coming.

    anonymous Jul 29, 2014 12:08pm

    Hi Farn, thank you for your response and self tracking wisdom. It may be that you actually have some real good old fashioned Scorpio in you after all. Have you had a Jyotish (Vedic astrology) chart done? This is what my article refers to. The way we cast charts is very different then Western astrology. It might be a good idea to get a different perspective!

anonymous Jul 29, 2014 3:53am

I have Sun, Moon and Rising in Scorpio. When people who are interested in astrology ask me and I tell them, their first reaction is always a gasping "Aahh"! Now, I know why! Thank you for your article. I saw myself in your words. Best wishes!

anonymous Jul 29, 2014 3:16am

I have Sun, Moon and Rising in Scorpio. When people who are interested in astrology ask me and I tell them, their first reaction is always a gasping "Aahh"! Now, I know why! Thank you for your article. I saw myself in your words.


    anonymous Jul 29, 2014 12:09pm

    Yes, we are a rare treat! 😉

    Thank you for reading and for your comment Pauline. Be well!

anonymous Jul 28, 2014 2:31pm

The feelings involved in writing such beautifully expressive and honest information about oneself is inspiring! I'm reminded of the belief in which every time we allow ourselves to find this freedom of openness within ourselves we also approach others to do the same. As a Scorpio(to the core!) and a healer by way of massage therapist, my journey over the last thirty or more years, learning my traits, discovering how I think & feel, mostly accepting my incredible passion for life!!, has really allowed my growth as you're describing in this writing! Love has been the only consistent truth in my life! Ofcourse as you stated it all started with myself(learning to love myself completely), and I expect nothing less from those who want a seat at my table! Nevertheless I am still a Scorpio, hard to unravel & hard to completely appreciate.. But for those who've been romanticized by me, there is quite the draw. I've been told time & time again I'm the best, most passionate lover they've ever experienced yet relationships are hard fought battles as to why I'm reacting or behaving certain ways. I accept myself, as you do express so eloquently … I am a Scorpio

    anonymous Jul 28, 2014 6:10pm

    Thank you for sharing Erin and I appreciate your feedback and your open sharing. May we all be powerful in our vulnerability and find our naked truths! I believe Scorpios have this ability more so than the other signs to some degree. And for that, we must be grateful. Be well, Swati*

anonymous Jul 28, 2014 11:34am

This was a poignant and penetrating (haha two Scorpionic words there) article! Although I am a Solar Pisces and Lunar Cancer, I have two major planets in the 8th house and Lilith as well, so I consider myself a part of the Scorpion clan. You put to words so beautifully the Scorpio experience. I am certain having the Sun or Moon or even ASC so positioned would intensify these themes for me, but I can certainly relate. Superb!

    anonymous Jul 28, 2014 3:29pm

    Excellent self reflection Psyren. When you know you know. A little taste of it may be enough eh? Glad the article was helpful.

anonymous Jul 28, 2014 11:09am

Yes indeed, states this Scorpio woman!

anonymous Jul 28, 2014 7:36am

Wow wow wow. Amazing! Love this beyond admire your insight. I'm so blown away. Thanks for this. You rock. Yes I'm a Scorpio, if I did not know it, I sure do now. 🙂

    anonymous Jul 28, 2014 11:35am

    So glad the article resonated with you Faith Ann! Likely you have some planets/or rising sign in Scorpio in the Vedic system and you are feeling the effects! Welcome to the Scorpio club! 😉

anonymous Jul 28, 2014 7:27am

If you believe it, you will be it. What you focus on you produce, again and again.

    anonymous Jul 28, 2014 11:34am

    Very true Gail. That is the beauty of Jyotish. We learn what we can change, and what karmas can't be changed. We can then surrender to what is and work on the stuff that we have some free will with. That's where to put our focus.

anonymous Jul 28, 2014 4:02am

– I do wonder if many scorpions are aware of just how much of a shield they hold up?..
+ good advice 😉

anonymous Jul 28, 2014 12:11am

Be good and true to me, I'll defend you to the grave. F with me or someone who is good and true to me, you'll wish for the grave.

    anonymous Jul 28, 2014 11:33am

    Eeek!! Pretty true though! 😉

anonymous Jul 27, 2014 11:39pm

This made me cry a little. My late husband was a Scorpio. Very beautiful and accurate.

    anonymous Jul 28, 2014 11:33am

    Jess, thank you for sharing your experience and I truly appreciate the feedback. May your heart be nourished with time.

    anonymous May 12, 2015 1:29pm

    I wept too, glad I am not alone, I think it made me quickly scan through my 38 years of existence.

    anonymous Nov 16, 2015 2:33pm

    This article hurt like crazy. I may not be much into astrology, and yes this is good writing, and could be true, but this was a slap to the face. I am a very honest person and I know a scorpio, in fact he's older than me, and I tried to be his friend, at one point had a silly crush and even admitted it honestly. he was awful to me. I tried to talk to him about it calmly, patiently and in private, and to get to know him better for a possible friendship, but he ignored me, and exploited me in front of our friends. He's 52 years old and I am 26. I called and he hung up when I said who I was two weeks ago, cried for months before that when he was rude. I don't know what I did and to this day it hurts very much… if all scorpio men are like this, i dont want to be with one.. As an Aquarius, it burns my spirit.. when i am such a loving person, and take it upon myself when things go wrong.

anonymous Jul 27, 2014 10:48pm

Sun and rising Scorpio and Cancer moon here. I absolutely identify with this. I very much enjoyed your article and your solid understanding of yourself.

    anonymous Jul 28, 2014 11:31am

    Ryan, I'm glad my article was helpful. Jyotish has been such a blessing for self discovery and self acceptance. I wish that for all of us. Be well!

Sallie Robinson Mar 14, 2018 2:51am

Thank you for your article, I found so much you said very true I am hard working true bloody Scopio and I enjoy being alone most the time, I am in a lone distance relationship, We have a very good understanding, But things can get a little heated at times and I know it's mostly on my part because I am a Scopio, But I ask my self how can I change what I was born to be, I tell people all the time you can't change a person and people never change, Once you are born you are who God made you to be It would be like changing a cat into a dog and expecting the dog to act like a cat, It's impossible to change who we are, My mate is very faithful and a loverable person. I think being away from each other is what makes the both of us work so hard to hold on to each other I am very happy with my life after a 28 years of marriage to a military cheating X I still find it very hard to trust my new partner at times because he's an actor being around so many women every day I feel that Scorpio jealousy side coming out sometimes LOL But he is very good at bring me back down to earth by showing me being around women is nothing new to him, I also look at it in a way that makes sense if he want to be with someone else he could have a long time ago before he met me, But he has never been married and has not been in a serious relationship before, So that alone makes me feel blessed or should I say lucky :) I think all relationships partners should have time away from each other, even after marriage and I plan when we do get married we will continual to date no sleeping together every night planing a date night twice a week, Taking care of the kids together not just the mother job alone, runny and playing together always, his and hers bath room, both man and woman need their space in the home, Scorpio need to be private at times nothing to hide but just my time for me only, This kind of life & marriage I can live with my man forever and not get bored with each other just live a happy and long life together or should I say still being boy friend girl friend, Husband & wife all in one marriage :) Thanks for listening. Sallie

Alyssa Abbitt Sep 12, 2016 11:46pm

Totally agree with your description of Scorpio...whoever im a Gemini and me and my scorpio are a perfect match!!