What it Means to Love a Libra.

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“We love the things we love for what they are.” ~ Robert Frost

A Libra longs for partnership, it is her heart’s forever-wish; but to love a Libra, you must love her completely.

A Libra will need space; she’ll need freedom to be who she is in any given moment. She wants to suffer, celebrate, hate and adore who she is. These things are always changing and often conflicting, because she’s constantly discovering new pieces of who she is.

She’ll never tell you something critical straightaway, instead she’ll sit with it until the perfect words ring true in her heart and ever-so-carefully move into her mouth. Even then, she might write you a letter. Because the intensity of her feelings can make the speaking of words such a task.

She loves words. She loves the magic they hold, the way they can free her (and so few things can).

So to love a Libra, understand that the words always matter—they are the brush strokes of her heart. She won’t lie, she’s no good at it. She won’t brag, for she holds words in too high esteem. Your words must never be cheapened through unfulfilled promises or patronization. If your speech is unkind, she’ll remember and the words will never hurt less.

She’s an artist, through and through. But a Libra, to survive in the world, must find her medium. The words, or paints, the delicate, mindful crease of a freshly-made bed—it’s all art to her. Beautiful pieces of anything. She needs objects and sounds and smells and textures to resonate with that place deep inside that says, “Yes. That’s it, now it is exactly right.” To love a Libra, you must know this.

She’ll need her art like you need your breath—without it, she will lose track of who she is.

You must watch the curve of her mouth; her lips will purse (ever-so-slightly) and when they do, you can rest assured that her mind wanders because her heart is not still. You’ll notice her eyes are far away; in that moment, you must let her go there—to the place where the words find their way to the air—but not for too long. She’s always in danger of escaping for too long.

She seeks stillness.

A Libra will love her body. She’ll hate her body too. But you must love it, you must always love it. You must look into her eyes and smile. Move her hair from her face so you can get a better look. You must touch the places that hardly get touched: her neck as she does the dishes, her collar bone as she types at her desk, her hip as you stand in line at the grocery store. You must weave the ordinary with the erotic. Slide your hands firmly over every inch of her skin as if it were the first time you’ve ever touched her. You must touch her. She’ll crave your embrace and wither without it.

She needs romance. And so many kisses.

She needs to be whisked away to see the world and she needs a comfortable home to return to.

She’ll cry. A lot. She’ll cry and you won’t know what’s wrong. She won’t tell you what’s wrong, not at first, because she might not know. There will be times when she simply needs to feel sadness, she needs to feel the struggle of being alive, even when you both don’t understand.

Whatever it is, she feels it more.

The weight of her fears, her curiosities, everything: of being human, of responsibility, of hate and violence and injustice, of beauty and lightness and breath, all of it. It frighteners her, but amazes her too. So she’ll need time and space to explore, to dance and to fall apart, because there is nothing more lovely than a Libra experiencing the world. She sees magic where others do not. She needs to believe in magic. Ferociously.

And when she finally turns 30—when the leaves are changing and she feels most herself—you’ll be mindful of her feelings; because, even if it isn’t a big deal, it is a big deal and the tears that stream for no particular reason come from a place of shame in her heart.

To love a Libra, you must celebrate; you must celebrate her, life, the amazing, the plain, everything and anything.

To love a Libra is to love the very essence of love, warts and all.

There’s a delicate balance—a perpetual tug-of-war—between feeling fierce and complete against feeling soft and frail. Always trying to reach that impossible balance, she never quite knows who she is.

To compensate for the not-knowing she’ll please everyone around her. She’ll accommodate others and fix situations until you resent her for it; but, to love a Libra is to see that her self-sacrifice, no matter how destructive, is how she loves. Her bleeding heart is how she finds her place in a world that can be unkind; it’s the way she can claim some shred of control—she believes that kindness is what matters most.

A Libra needs you to push her toward self-care. She’ll never choose her needs first, so you’ll have to teach her this craft. You’ll need to teach her that putting her needs before others is not the same as selfishness, because she sees selfishness as ugly.

Ugliness scares her.

Loneliness too.

Her heart will break often. Her heart will feel lonely and sad about many things, but you must never be the one to break it completely.

To capture a Libra’s heart is to capture her heart forever. There are no partners more committed, more attentive than your Libra. You mustn’t ever take her for granted though; for a Libra’s heart will grow uneasy when neglected, her heart will close and you risk never finding your way in again.

Her heart knows the secret to everything. Protect it.

breakfast at tiffSometimes she’ll feel lost. She’ll need hot tea and blankets, black-and-white movies, and no conversation. Other times, she’ll need people. Parties and midnight walks and deep, frenzied conversation—she likes literature and science and philosophy best. She likes whiskey too. To love her, you’ll need to know that.

She’ll need constant reminders that she’s a lovely being, that she’s loved—better yet, adored. She needs mindful smothering, she needs adventure. A Libra wants autonomy, but can’t stand the thought of being left alone. You must learn to accept her, even as a contradiction.

She’ll require decisiveness, as she has none of her own. She’ll surprise you with spontaneity and you’ll admire the commitment she shows to her heart’s content. But if she has time to think, any decision will be painful—be it where to eat, what to wear or who to love. This will frustrate you, but you must try understand. For her, there is no such thing as an obvious choice.

Loving a Libra means loving love itself. She loves everything about love: the connection, the discovery, the heartache, the ecstasy, the very idea of love—it’s all the same. She yearns for the safety of partnership, but she thrives on the excitement of love’s uncertainty.

She wants passion.

She can see the good in almost any person, but in a lover she requires intelligence and humor. There is nothing sexier than wit.

She hates discord, because it makes her feel vulnerable; but to love her is not to worry too much, because she believes in forgiveness and trust—enough to repair almost any injury done to her. When you fight with a Libra, she’ll be certain that every fight is the end of everything and this will destroy her a little; you must remind her that every argument is an opportunity for growth—it is the beginning of a new everything. Loving a Libra means knowing there are few things more important than make-up sex.

She loves falling in love, so to love a Libra you’ll have to fall in love time and time again. She’ll require perpetual evolution, and inspiration, and a little dose of sin.

To love a Libra you’ll need to see the good intention that she always has in her heart; to ignore this well-meaning piece of her is to deny her a personal truth. She cannot survive without this particular truth. When she’s awful, or rude, or arguing because she’s right—and she’s usually right, because she’s a Libra and it’s in her nature to be fair and just and indisputably right—you must breathe. Then trust her tears and her words to be true.

She cares too deeply to ever inflict intentional harm.

But if you witness the flash of anger in her eyes, you must let her rage. For gentle, compassionate Libra will storm fiercely in the face of injustice. You must allow her the space to be a warrior when her heart tells her it is time to fight. You must stand beside her, admire her devotion and believe in the cause—see it for what it is, a manifestation of her heart’s deepest purpose.

Believe in her and she’ll believe in you too.

She might be cast as an introvert. She might be tagged an extrovert by those who know her best. Neither matters, as long as she feels connected to what surrounds her.

When a Libra is happy, she can take over the world. She need only be equipped with the proper music, laughter and her smile.

The trick is in keeping her there; for in that moment is an ocean of contentment that only her huge heart can appreciate. If you can keep her in the moment, you can keep her forever. But the Libra mind will drift and worry. It will linger on the wrong that cut her too deeply. She will scrutinize over the words you used, or the words that went unspoken. She’ll wonder about security and what each embrace or touch or quarrel will mean in the long-term; to love a Libra, you must gently guide her back to the now again and again and again.

Libra blossoms in the joyful now.

She believes in the goodness of people, in magic and (above all else) in happily ever after.

To love a Libra, you must believe in her for everything she is.

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111 Responses to “What it Means to Love a Libra.”

  1. nikki says:

    beautiful and so true, am exactly everything you describe..so unbelievalbe and amazing..beautiful writing….

  2. Very good thanks for everything you have shared with us today!

  3. Felecia says:

    This was right on…… I feel like you were actually telling my story! Thanks-

  4. Chelsea says:

    Reading this brought tears to my eyes… Spot on and beautifully written. Thank you – this is going to stick with me for a long time.

  5. yan says:

    You have just made my whole day with this beautiful n true description of myself. I was feeling real low n almost like I didn’t want to be me anymore lol..i came online looking for some security, I tend to read stuff describing myself, star signs for one..n im just so happy I found this because this is me hands dwn, every lil thing n more. Very beautiful n uplifting very proud of who I am especially with an amazing heart.

  6. Lara says:

    Beautifully written! You know me better than I know myself.

  7. Cheryl says:

    This is me.

  8. Ethelyn Ruddell says:

    Your insights into living a Liba are spot on! This is me to a tea. I actually thought you were writing about me! You put into beautiful words the secret to who I am. Reading this helps me to see how difficult it must be to love a Lubra, but to see also how well my husband, of 40 years, understands me. He often tells me “I know you better than you know yourself”. Which he does! Thanks so much for this article. I will look forward to more of your magical writing!

  9. Michelle says:

    Thank you for writing this, it put it all my emotions and thoughts ( and tears, i was crying when I was reading it) into words so perfectly. Thank you…thank you.

  10. Danielle says:

    Amazing. I feel like you really hit the nail on the head. I’ve never felt that I could be understood fully until I read this. I realized that I’m not alone and that my “libraness” that I refer to often, isn’t just in my head. Beautiful article!

  11. Jessica W says:

    Thank you for this – My goodness, it is so beautiful!! You have a gift…Now… Can you write one for Pisces!?!? :)

  12. Andreia says:

    Such a true description of myself it even made me cry…

  13. Jezabelly says:

    "Always trying to reach that impossible balance, she never quite knows who she is." I will be printing this out to demonstrate to my husband, those feelings and characteristics about myself that I can never put into words. Rather I sit there in a pool of tears, trying to explain something impossible. Thank you for putting my feelings down on 'paper'!!

  14. Megan says:

    The dichotomy of our existence is as fragile as the wings of a butterfly while being stronger than the need for breath. As a Libra, our steps through this life are as though they were choreographed but they are as natural and true as the morning sunrise.

  15. Melissa Hassen says:

    Amazing!!! So very true…I’m 47 years old and have been married for 29 years…I’ve learned so much about myself with in the last 9 months and this writing confirms just who I am and why my marriage has been on the rocks for sometime now. Thank you so very much!

  16. Erin says:

    Libras are one of a kind, and this article describes me perfectly. However, I prefer red wine over whiskey :-) I find myself crying a lot, and very sensitive . I hope I can find love again. We are so worth it if this description sounds difficult for some to handle. When I love, I love deeply and with all of me…I am Far from being needy as someone said. Thank you..

  17. Tink says:

    Very well expressed…..truthful and honest…good, bad, and indifferent!!! Great Job!!!!
    Libra – 10/9/81

  18. alexis says:

    :( Very True, Im dominated by Libra and Libra sun too. I used to always put the needs of others ahead of mine and I have been taken advantage of many times. However, I've recently met a Taurus, he taught me about self-love, worry less, confidence and going with the flow. WIthout him, I would never be able to overcome my depression. I thank God and angels everyday for him, i truly do. I pray to God he will receive good karma for the things he has given him. Whether we will only stay as friends or have a relationship in the future, I am still grateful for his appearance in my life. He bought so much faith in myself. Taught me that there are many good guys out there in this world. I love him and want to give him everything but he probably doesnt know about it. haha

  19. amy lamanna says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful article. I have Libra rising and have felt misunderstood my whole life. What an exquisite way to describe a balancing process!!!

  20. Ross says:

    Yes this is the Libra woman I know as I am a Libra man who has been in a Libra and Libra relationship for 5 years that only a Libra would understand and appreciate . Pure balance with great conversation and the connection of hearts. We live an work overseas together 24/7 for the past 14 months living in a one bedroom unit and my Libra girl called it quits two weeks ago … no fighting just the logical justification of the moment that she is out of love but also inclusive of the 'I don't know what is happening I just don't love you right now'. So what dose a Libra male do?

    She has gone to her cave and I have give her space .. is it recoverable ????

  21. Bill says:

    I'm a skeptic by nature. The article is lovely; the only part I have trouble with is the astrological tie-in. I am a scientist of the most intense kind – a psychologist. No group checks, double-checks and rechecks data more; none. But I'm also a dreamer, and an open-minded lover of eastern thought (it's very rational, honestly.) Can anyone point me in the direction of ANY data that supports astrology? Some verifiable, cross-checkable, peer reviewed and scientific? I'm being skeptical, not critical. Like Fox Mulder, I WANT to believe, but I need facts.

  22. zondra3triana says:

    so well written and beautifully put!!! and so exact.. i could see myself while reading this…

  23. Bunny says:

    Oh my goodness…just like the magic I believe in you have captured the essense of me, a Libra…born October 12th. Thank you.

  24. kalliope says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post. It's simply beautiful!
    I'm a Libra, and I could relate to all that's written!
    People always say "do not waste a Libra's love" because of our nature.
    I hope this helps people to understand the peace loving Libra more!

  25. Onesexclibra says:

    Guilty as charge!!! This is my life… 10/18/1980

  26. Darla says:

    This is perfect. It is exactly what I went looking for… and more. It's MAGIC, obviously… I am a Libra… and I have never read something more fitting than this for myself in love, period. I really needed this. I am giving this to my boyfriend to read. Haha.

  27. Alex says:

    …You made me cry, thank you.

    I haven’t cried for a long time, I needed to cry. I’m 15 years old, and I am a libra. My life has been all about pain for the past year, I have ups & downs, I’ve known my fate for a while now. My life has been very lonely, very painful. It feels like I’ve been locked away from the world.

    … Anyways, thank you very much for this, it makes me very happy.

  28. Annika says:

    This is amazing! Just like another reader said "It's like an owners manual for my husband, friends and family". Thank you for letting me getting to know myself even more. Everything is so perfectly explained. I will print this out and remind myself of who I am. I also love to ready all the beautiful comments from other libras :-) we sure use our words wisely. Thanks again for almost making me cry of happiness that I am enough. <3

  29. LyraYork says:

    I didn't want it to end!

  30. Naronica says:

    Wow this describes me deeply…….my life! Iove this beautiful writing. I got lost reading as if I got lost in myself and loved her all over again!

  31. sandra says:

    This is so me!!!

  32. Smiley says:

    Sara, I want to go HIDE now. This was emotionally exhausting to read. You've tapped into the very CORE of my LIBRA being here. You've pegged ME. You've expressed things here that I didn't even know, but as I read each word that washed over me, and absorbed into my eyes, and my cells, it's ME.

    Go figure, I had to stop, and grab a "puffs plus", 'cuz YOU have peeked inside my Heart, my Mind, and my SPIRIT in such an intrusive way. Almost like I was being interrogated. It's beautifully tragic being a Libra. The thing is I'm also on the cusp of SCORPIO, which makes me really SINK into all of that which YOU'VE spoken of here.

    Wow, like a Greek tragedy. But, YOU know what, there's some positives in the negatives also. There's PERFECTION in the IMPERFECT parts of ME.

    I'm so wondering, YOU'VE so tapped into this, I'm wondering if perhaps YOU are of the "LIBRA" factor also. I'd be rather surprised if YOU were not.

    Thank YOU for this beautiful, and descriptive epiphany of my very SPIRIT.

    Abundant BLESSINGS, and MIRACLES to YOU and YOURS, today, tomorrow, and 4eva. C;

  33. david says:

    beautiful… i now, wish to full for a Libra
    To the end of the jungle and beyond !!!!


  34. Marcie says:

    Could you do one for Gemini? I read this and it seemed extremely accurate, but but but I’m a Gemini!

  35. Tinica says:

    Reading this article made me proud,embarrassed,happy,emotional. its like someone sat down and wrote this article about me and I am thankful cause now I know that I do what I do because it is the very essence of what characterizes me. That indecisiveness tho wow it is real.I appreciate myself more now after reading this and I can love me more without feeling guilty about anything #libranation

  36. sylrod says:

    Thank you! This was amazing to read, word by word in a delicate manner of writing on how explicit and exact you were describing my self being and whom I am. My thoughts, fears, dreams, life’s inspiration n motivations, balancing injustice in every situation, life’s god given beauty that not many people appreciate or even take the time to notice.

    Many sweet blessings,


  37. V.R.M. says:

    Sara, this was lovely and spot-on. Thank you. <3

  38. Elena says:

    This is beautiful. Your words are like a mirror to myself. I am a libra, and my bday is tomorrow. This is a beautiful present! Thank you so much!

  39. Moya says:

    I've never been one to believe in horoscopes or star signs really, but I am a Libra and this is so accurate, it's scary! Beautifully written in a way that celebrates our unique personality traits. I was moved and touched and felt a sense of relief that someone 'gets' me and that I am not completely crazy!! I have sent it to my partner, as although he knows me inside out, I feel this explains so much of my behaviour. Thank you for writing and sharing this, I will keep it safe forever :-)

  40. Josephine says:

    This is me. And I cried and cried and cried as I read it. Thank you for writing like you know me.

  41. Nic says:


  42. reserved love says:

    This almost made me cry because I thought of my life and all of the things and people in it came to mind while reading this. I love being a Libra, although I can be back and forth between decisions and moods. This was perfect for me to read tonight. Just what I needed to reassure me that being a Libra is a blessing.

  43. thebothofus2015 says:

    You must be a Libra to write this because this was spot on.

  44. Reshal says:

    This is amazing!! So much that I, as a Libran can relate to!! This is beautiful…

  45. Renee says:

    From one Libran to another, mahalo!!! You said a lot!

  46. Hiba says:

    Happy Birthday Sara. Iam a libra too.. ive read your piece what it means to love a libra more than three times and no its not because there are nice words written there! how could you know me such deeply and thoroughly and each of us live on the other side of the planet… you knew it all and more… yes i will always keep believing in magic and love aHappy Birthday again.. i love you..

  47. minimelody says:

    I NEVER thought anyone could understand me like this. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing tears to my eyes and opening them to my soul. This is me. Every. Single. Word. I try searching for new parts of myself everyday and I live in pain. I never thought a simple article online could shake me to my being and make me gasp and cover my mouth tearfully, for this is the purest of truths. Thank you so so so very much- I can NOT stop reading and will show this to my boyfriend who struggles to understand me (as does everyone else). Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3 Libras rule!

  48. Shawntae Scantlin says:

    I love this so much because this is me all the way it made me cry because no one understands me my birthday is on the oct 6 and you hit it right on thank you so much

  49. Matthew Gould says:

    That has really given me insight to things that I have learnt through loving my Libra. But to see it written down, bought a teat to my eye :)

  50. Ellegra says:

    That is about me, but I am not Libra :), I am Cancer :)

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