August 28, 2020

Full Corn Moon brings Lessons in Intimacy & Communication. {September 2nd}

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On September 2nd, we will have some serious lessons in intimacy with the full moon in Pisces.

Right now, the sun is in the sign of practical and logical Virgo, which means all the darker or repressed characteristics that need to be dealt with in terms of emotional closeness with others might be highlighted at this time.

Pisces is a water sign and is known to be quite sensitive and dreamy, so, often it is suggested that natives born under this sign are not only intuitive but also quite emotional.

The question with this full moon is—what lies in the deep darkness of our subconscious beliefs around intimacy?

During this time, expect the potential for any old stories around being a victim or martyr to come up, especially when it comes to love. Right now, Venus, the planet of love, is in the sign of Cancer (another water sign), so between the emotional darkness of Piscean energy combined with the energy of Cancer needing to be mothered or needing sympathy—we could find ourselves in emotional turmoil around all that we do for others that seemingly go unnoticed.

Additionally, if we feel as though our efforts in relationships are getting us nowhere, we run the risk of being more apathetic toward others especially with Venus in opposition to Saturn, which means we are more prone to keep others at arm’s length.

Though a little distance from time to time can be healthy in any relationship, closing ourselves off from others completely keeps us feeling repressed and has the potential to do more harm than good.

Keep in mind that you can consciously use these energies to your benefit to help you release any of these stories, whether it is through open communication with your partner about how you’re feeling, or through journaling methods, which could provide a wonderful opportunity to re-write your story from a place of empowerment.

The good thing here is that Mercury, the planet of communication, will be in its home sign of Virgo (an Earth sign), which offers each of us an opportunity to express ourselves with emotional precision, clarity, and purpose. The light attributes of Virgo being its stability and grounding energy means that we can experience the emotional turmoil without getting too carried away in the process of self-expression or feeling as though we are drowning in the tidal waves of inner defeat or victim mentality.

If you find that you are single at this time, try to remember that “giving up” on love because you feel as though all of your efforts thus far have been futile will only continue to propel that same story. The universe does not differentiate between what we want or what we don’t want—it just responds to our vibration.

So if you are feeling frustrated with your love life at this time or as though your intuition cannot be trusted based on your current reality, try not to let the shadow energy of Pisces fool you into thinking that love is not meant for you, or as though whatever you want just never comes to pass.

Additionally, keeping others at arm’s length will not allow for the emotional closeness you are desiring, so maybe now is a good time to start figuring out where you can make some internal changes in order to see it reflected on the outside.

With the sun in Virgo, the healers of the zodiac, its no wonder that we are all being offered an opportunity to heal any leftover victim stories. Virgo’s precision of speech creates the capacity for each of us to start communicating with others and ourselves from a place of empowerment. We can take the inner victim and help this archetypal nature understand that we are all responsible for our own choice to remain powerless by blaming the outside world for what happened to us, or we can rise up and realize that we are ultimately responsible for present moment situations.

Virgo is known to be incredibly creative, as is Pisces, so why not dream up a newer and more empowered version of you? If you are in a partnership, why not get in touch with the reasons why you are currently in your relationship? If you’re feeling resentful about all that you give and do not receive in return, then perhaps it could be a good time to get in touch with any codependent tendencies that are lurking under the surface.

If it’s deep, soul love you feel, then perhaps you can find a way to express that. If you’re with your partner out of practicality and convenience and you feel unfulfilled or as though you are a victim, why not start taking some responsibility for why you made the choice to be in that relationship in the first place?

If you’re single, it’s time to dream a new dream. It’s time to release all that went wrong in your previous relationships and all the ways you were used or mistreated. Perhaps, it might be time to draw on the realization that we get to choose what lessons we take away from any experience and that no one has the power to use us unless we give that to them. It’s time to re-write the story.

What would your perfect person feel like to you? What would they look like or how would they act? Get super clear, tap into your intuition, and dive deep into your emotional waters to find out.

The energies of the planets give each of us an opportunity to shift our perspectives and clean up our vibration so that the cosmos can align to support our dreams.

So why not dream big this full moon, and release any stories that are keeping you small?



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