July 2, 2019

5 Small but Radical Ways we can Save our World.


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“There’s a revolution that needs to happen and it starts from inside each one of us. We need to wake up and fall in love with the Earth. Our personal and collective happiness and survival depends on it.” ~ Thích Nhat Hạnh


If I told you we have limited time on Earth, and that the survival of our whole planet depends largely on the choices we all make today, would you be willing to change to save our world?

We cannot sustain ourselves as we have been living. The rigid beliefs we have about ourselves, our world, and Mother Nature will continue to create imbalances in our ecosystem unless we all take a stand and begin to care about what matters most: our survival as a world and our ability to create a positive impact.

There’s no doubt that climate change is affecting our world. We are experiencing unpredictable, extreme, and chaotic weather patterns as our planet attempts to adapt to the poor ways we’ve treated it.

What’s ironic is that although so many of us seem focused on sustainability and climate change issues, the majority fail to evaluate the relationship we are creating with ourselves and others. How we individually behave and show up every day has a radical impact on ourselves, other people, and the planet.

Together, we are all responsible for the present state of our world.

We will continue to cause destruction until we can learn to get along and evolve in peaceful and sustainable ways. To do that, we must all investigate how we cooperate, communicate, and get along with each other.

Our words, actions, and habits have a cause and effect. How we treat people and Mother Nature impacts our present and future. But only when we realize that our outer world is a reflection of our inner reality can we then begin to make the necessary shifts, to stop blaming and harming others. Only then can we evolve beyond what we think and move to a more mature and awakened state of consciousness.

If we continue to kill off species, build more, and destroy forests, trees, oceans, and wildlife, we will be left with nothing. If we continue to indulge in greed, lies, and actions that feed our ego, we will also be left with nothing.

We are not separate from one another, or from our planet—we are in fact deeply connected on so many levels, often unseen by the human eye. We can work toward creating a brighter future and better world by transforming our mind, dealing with our negative emotions, and creating more awareness.

Here are a few ways we can live more mindfully and lovingly in order to save our planet:

1. Realize the other person is you. We are all reflections of each other. When we get triggered or upset, we must take accountability for our actions and process what we’re feeling internally. Continuing to blame and project our problems on others causes separation and leads to destruction of relationships, family units, romances, and connection as a whole.

2. Create body love awareness. Our body is intelligent and can heal and repair itself if we give it time and proper love. We all go through phases where our bodies may be more or less responsive. Allowing ourselves to work through our inner issues, emotional wounds, and anxiety frees our body and can also teach us how to maintain balance and well-being, without relying on drugs or quick fixes long-term.

3. Consider how you treat others. Our ego loves to stay trapped in patterns and family conditioning. We want things our way, and most of us will do anything to get it. Until we foster unity among each other and begin to see ourselves as the same, we will continue to create problems. People come into our lives for reasons, and we can all learn to act in more loving ways, do what’s right for one another, and be proactive in consciously communicating and living with honest and pure intentions.

4. Know that only we can save ourselves. Codependency begins when we subconsciously need someone outside of us to heal us, love us, and make us happy. Religious bias and conditioning have taught the majority that God or someone outside of us will save us. Most of us live in ignorance and choose spiritual escapism because we don’t like to confront our shadow or make honest changes. We are all individually responsible for our thoughts, emotions, reactions, wounds, triggers, and how consciously and unconsciously we show up and communicate.

5. Show compassion for everyone’s personal story. Everyone has a history—things, people, and places that have shaped and changed us—but so many people run from it or try to hide it. It’s important to honor our story, trust what our soul signed up for, and do the best we can to live well. We can support people with kindness, compassion, and love, and recognize that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know and where they are at. Together, we can improve our stories and create more harmony within ourselves, each other, and the planet.

We can build a better Earth when we are all willing to operate less out of fear and more from a place of love. We transform through our interactions with each other, with each relationship. How we, as humans, show up is a direct reflection of our planet, and of how we can sustain ourselves and the world.

A radical evolution in consciousness can save our planet—if we are all willing to get on board and become the change the world needs.


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