April 15, 2017

Why Mother Nature is the Ultimate Goddess of Love.

For over a decade, the alluring island of Maui was my precious home.

I was exposed to the pure rawness of the land—alive, flourishing, and unobstructed by concrete. I felt encouraged to open up in ways no overpopulated, polluted metropolis could arouse. I rarely wore shoes and the nudist in me softly awakened.

The blessed tropical sanctuary gifted me indescribable and inspiring wisdom of mystical importance that I will continue to cherish.

While living in paradise, I was motivated to further study sexuality, as it presented itself to me on a daily basis (in nature).

The undeniable connection between sex and spirit that I began to unknowingly experience my first years in Hawaii led me to follow the path of Tantra.

With each dip in a waterfall or dunk in the ocean, I felt connected to the vibrational frequencies of the Earth. I noticed magical similarities between nature and myself. With time, I felt little separation at all. I became aware of the fluid, energetic currents we all share in this brilliant web of existence.

I had time and freedom to fully submerge myself in the outdoors. The Earth has a gentle way of teaching if we slow down and listen. I felt energized by the spirit of Shakti (Tantric archetypal goddess of universal femininity; Mother Nature,) not only from observing the outside world, but from feeling it ripple within me. We are nature!

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pachamama (Mother Earth) has no shame in oozing sexual energy. She confidently owns her lively expression. Every miraculous manifestation on this majestic blue planet is created by the sacred act of making love in one form or another. What can possibly be more divine?

“Refining one’s awareness of sexual energy is one of the simplest ways to return to pure consciousness and experience the deepest rhythms of life.” ~ Mantak Chia

The expansive, animate evolution of the islands invited me to observe and absorb the sweet, eloquent dance of celebration between both yin and yang in the natural world.

Waterfalls eagerly poured smooth, liquid mana (life force) down lush, hungry valleys as mist gently tickled the air.

Cool waves would passionately burst onto the sandy flesh of the shores, leaving a glimmer of frothy elated kisses.

Tropical fruits squirted love nectar from devouring their salivating sweetness. The moist, nurturing blessings were tasty gems of love. I left nothing unswallowed but the hard core of an inner seed.

Whales thrusted their heavy, powerful bodies toward the heavens before telluric force returned them back inside the womb of their wet home.

Palm trees stood proudly erect, swaying in a soft, untamed motion inviting us to join in their primitive dance. While roots were grounded deeply into soft earth, their arms prayed to the cosmos above. A precious display of organic symmetry.

The primal dirt gushed beneath happy lil’ bare feet as seedlings bulged through the volcanic earth, craving sunlight with fluid momentum.

Orchids, gardenias, and plumerias took their time to blossom with ease joyfully surrendering to the bee’s stimulating thirst. They quench one another’s pleasurable appetite. There is no rush.

I let the breeze tenderly caress my unashamed nudity, just as it kisses each flower without bruising the petals. My chest swelled with vitality as I sensed the earth’s pulse reminding me to let go.

I relinquished my supple body onto the supportive, green earth longing to soak up the fiery warmth of Father Sun. I invited the strong rays to stroke my wet, human form, creating little goosebumps of satisfaction along sun-kissed skin. Coconut oil glossed me with slippery, fragrant lubrication.

When the skies surrendered, an elixir of love showered out of saturated white clouds drenching cool, clear fluid on welcoming vegetation. An overwhelming sense of awe caused my pupils to widen from witnessing such a euphoric rainbow abundance.

Mana created buzzing waves within me when I was still enough to tap into Her radiant frequency. Persuading vital energy to dive deep into my ocean left me in a soft, vibrating puddle of bliss.

The more aware I am, the deeper it gets, arousing parts of me I wasn’t aware existed and igniting my most wildly spirited heart. Layers shed with each meaningful sigh of every exhale. “Haaaa.” (In Hawaiian, “Ha” means “breath of life,” or “love.”)

With a young girl’s curiosity, I observed the sound of living force as it reverberated my body, inviting me to melt deeper into its nurturing embrace—the drop merging with the ocean.

Maui has profoundly inspired me to tap into and honor my own sexuality. The busy matrix of consumerism isn’t nearly as sexy as the universal creation of a natural, harmonious environment. Without a doubt, Mother Nature is the ultimate goddess of love!

The mesmerizing enchantment of the native world sends shivers up my spine, uniting the lowest, earthly pearl of my being with my highest crown of my magnificence. It’s incredibly humbling yet strangely empowering.

My loving devotion to nature brings to light the surreal and undeniable link I have with each flower, wave, flame, cloud, and gust of wind.

The pure, wondrous essence of elemental life can be irresistibly intoxicating. My spirit yearns to consciously unite with this available energy. It is everywhere!

“The elements of nature play a pivotal role in creating a deeper awareness. Each element, being the stability of the earth, the cooling waves of water, the rage of the fire, the magic wisps of air, and the ethereal hint of the atmosphere, unravel an inner reality.” ~ Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess

The entire universe is an enlightening playground to joyfully flourish in. I will not deprive myself from tasting the honey drops of flavorful, overflowing rapture. Relinquishing control to Shakti’s liberating mirth teaches me who I am.

I deeply honor the sexual nature of all things. Everything can be a vessel of love if we perceive it that way. We can gain more legitimate knowledge from nature than cyberspace, any class, or book. Genuine admiration and mindfulness of our surroundings have an incomprehensible power to heal and delight on multiple levels. The Earth continuously showers us with wisdom, grace, and sexy love.

I invite everyone to penetrate themselves with the sweetness nature provides. Indulge in pleasures with kind awareness. Savor healthy food. Eye gaze. Love for the sake of loving. Space out. Don’t think too much. Be in the now. Breathe longer and deeper. Go outside!

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature.” ~ Joseph Campbell



Author: Tirzah Shiya (Adya)

Image: Author’s Own

Editor: Travis May

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