July 17, 2019

Cancer & Capricorn Full Moon: a Time to Balance Male & Female Energies.

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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


In my imaginary world, if I were to have had a daughter, this is the full moon I would have wished she was born under.

The sun in Cancer with a blazing full moon in Capricorn is an elegant duo.

Joni Mitchell sings about her daughter in a song I just adore, “Little Green,” and says, “Born with the moon in Cancer.” The energy of Cancer is the essence of gentleness.

Why is this full moon one of my favorites?

Because this moon carries the most profound loving energy (Cancer), supported by an equally strong male energy (Capricorn). This full moon is significant because it arrives auspiciously during a lunar eclipse.

Did you know eclipses always come in twos, within weeks of each other, and this is the last eclipse for 2019? Let’s take note and use this energy to serve our growth.

Capricorn and Cancer are a pull between the male and female. The female being emotionally fluid (Cancer), allowing us access to deep feelings, making it acceptable to cry, to open our hearts, and to melt into tenderness.

The opposing energy (Capricorn) is equally influential but opposite, providing a strong capitalist—the industrial part in all of us that insists on excellence at all costs, too often precluding emotions.

Do you know the male side inside of you? The part of you that is a goal-oriented, go-getter, list builder, and financial planner who writes everything down and never allows for mediocrity?

Do you know your female side? Do you allow your emotional realm to inspire intuition, follow your gut, and be the caregiver to those in your close circle?

Can you see how the combo of your male and female set up a marriage of completion?

This eclipse is an opportunity to first admit if need be, “Wow, my male side is lazy.” Or, maybe, you realize that you have denied your emotional side, perhaps because it’s so distracting—or worse, embarrassing.

Wrong answer. We need both sides equally. This is the doorway to mastery—to be fearless on either side.

Use this mercury retrograde and eclipse energy to be attentive to which side of you needs tending.

Having spent too much of my early life in my male influence (super goal-oriented), I have spent the latter part of my life trusting my ability to flow, organically create, and be compassionate with my ambition so much so that I love (Cancer) to work (Capricorn), and do so conscious of balancing the two energies.

Every day I bike, hike, practice yoga, or swim. I always leave part of my day to daydream, float, or just be—not at the expense of my business meetings, goals, or work ethic, but quite the opposite. My dualistic approach balances the two out.

How are you at balancing the energies? Too often the male side is celebrated and the female side is left for when you have time. I always make time for both.

Enjoy this full moon and ask yourself:

Am I equally committed to both the work and pleasure?

Can this eclipse mark a time where I will shift that impulse to overly rely on my male side?

Is my female side being honored and respected? (I sure hope so.)

Sending you love from both sides of me during our glorious summertime of fun.


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