July 12, 2019

How we Cope when the Darkness Creeps In. {Poem}


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There are no words of comfort

None…at all

And there’s nothing strong enough to numb the pain

While at work, you go through the motions
Occasionally choking back tears
Or quietly crying in a bathroom stall during your break
You look at yourself in the mirror
Wondering what’s next…

Where did it all go wrong?

You keep your distance from others
Making it through the day
Darkness slowly creeps in around you
The world goes to sleep
You find comfort in the stillness and peace in the solitude

You take in the silence

Tears slowly trickle down your face
One by one
Heavy and warm

Your body curls itself up in an attempt to soothe the pain
You gasp for air, choking on the tears as they nearly drown you

For everything you can’t speak of
For regrets and lost dreams
For words you should’ve said and actions you never took
For those you lost
For things you couldn’t change and hopes that never came to be
For everything you wish had turned out differently

Feel it
All of it

Release it all

Accept what is
Numb feelings
Go through motions


Repeat…until healed
Results may vary


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Read 4 comments and reply

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