July 4, 2019

How this Eclipse Season can give us the Break we’ve been Waiting For.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Two weeks ago, the full moon in Sagittarius officially opened the summer eclipse season.

There’s one full solar eclipse this week, and then a lunar eclipse on July 16th, concurrent with the full moon.

And while each eclipse spans only an hour or so, their effects can be felt and harnessed days before and weeks afterward.

On July 2nd, the new Cancer moon got a steroid shot from a simultaneous full solar eclipse. As Emeril Lagasse would say: “Let’s kick it up a notch—bam!

Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the moon, and is the home of, well, the home. It’s the sign of nurturing, trust, feeling, heart, and emotion. A solar eclipse, especially a total solar eclipse, always signals a time of significance.

All eclipses make the unseen seen, forcing us to look at what we’ve kept hidden. They also offer what astrologer Stephanie Azaria calls “a sideways elevator”—an unexpected passage and opening.

In addition to these already powerful events, there are several other cosmic forces influencing us. Saturn, the record-keeper, governs law, time, boundaries, and death, while Pluto, the great revealer and cosmic fulfiller, often portends a dark night before a rebirth.

Are you beginning to see what I see?

Faulty foundations failing us, karmic lessons catching up to us, disruptions, eruptions, endings, and…surprises?

As astrologer Pam Younghans says, this solar eclipse:

“—is like a New Moon with an attitude. It represents an opportunity for a fresh start, birthed from a completion. The additional component of any eclipse is that it brings forward larger life concerns and karmic issues. Thus, we tend to see grander events during eclipse season. Our experiences at these times are often memorable in some way, as we work to release long-held patterns and find the courage to embark on an unfamiliar path. It is fortunate that this particular eclipse is a “North Node eclipse,” meaning that the Moon is close to the northern point of its nodal axis. This type of eclipse is said to help us move in the direction of our highest evolution.”

Most, if not all of this, is uncomfortable. Some of it downright painful.

It’s also natural and necessary and follows the law of creation: order, chaos, and reorder.

While astrology lends a map to track our course (as above, so below), spiritual practice and wisdom gives us the faith and grace to confront our karmic ties. Whether that’s our unhealed wounds running the show, or our damaged relationships still dictating how we think of and conduct ourselves, things change and break and we must change and break with them.

Healing does not mean the absence of pain, and sometimes our discomfort becomes our labor pains—if you were giving birth and did not know what was happening, you’d think you were dying.

So many people seem to be struggling with breakdowns, break-ups, and difficult life decisions. The things we thought we wanted, or could count on, are like sands shifting beneath our feet. What we once stood firm on is shaking. If one embraces, as I do, the idea that the universe is invested in healing, it’s not hard to see the value in coming face-to-face with what haunts us.

I, like many, have spent most of my life struggling with depression. It is not a curable disease, but it is treatable, and recovery is one of its greatest blessings. As I’ve aged, my relationship with this once debilitating presence has changed. We live together peacefully, albeit sometimes neither one of us wants to get out of bed. Carl Jung said:

“The greatest and most important problems of life are all in a certain sense insolvable, they can never be solved, but only outgrown.”

While I don’t diminish the hardship of life’s challenges, I have come to know that if you live long enough, you will most likely face your deepest fears—divorce, financial loss, physical decline, injury, illness, death—and, in so doing, find you can survive and even thrive again.

If you have wise counsel, you will know that God is in the rise and in the fall, and there are natural and mystical forces conspiring to help us—for God is also in the heavens; in the sun, the moon, the stars, and the eclipse.


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