July 13, 2019

How to Cultivate your Femininity. ~ Nora Wendel


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Let me just clear up my view on femininity.⁠

Being feminine is being strong, confident, youthful, having emotional maturity, and being playful.⁠

It is not flowy dresses or frills or long hair—liking those things or wearing that is our choice.

Being feminine is being in a state of open relaxation—of allowing, of feeling, of receiving.⁠

Women who are magnetic have cultivated an inner confidence. They exude self-surety, and they have internal validation (instead of seeking external validation).⁠

Feminine magnetism operates from a place of love and freedom instead of fear and attachment. ⁠

How do you cultivate feminine magnetism?⁠

  1. Learn to love yourself. How you love yourself shows other people how to love you. Do you actively work on finding new ways to love yourself every day?⁠
  2. Give yourself permission for pleasure. Feel your skin, touch yourself tenderly, and enjoy the taste of food. (By the way, men find a sensual woman highly erotic.)
  3. Connect to your womanhood. Acknowledge you are a creatress of life. Put your hands on your womb, talk to her, meditate on her. Apologize for not being there for her.⁠
  4. Feel alive. Fiercely protect your feelings, do everything you can to feel excited, empowered, joyful, and happy about your life. Do the things to make you feel this way. Excitement is contagious.⁠
  5. Stop actively doing. Learn to allow more ease into your life. Ask and drop into receiving. Don’t just be passive about it; be active in your inner work.

Feminine magnetism is real.⁠ Everything you desire in life is right there.

How ready are you to drop deep into your femininity?⁠

author: Nora Wendel

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Editor: Michelle Gean

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