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July 26, 2019

Importance of Astrology in Marriages

From ancient times, marriages and Astrology have a strong and binding relationship. The event of marriage is a major milestone in the life of individuals which can make or mar their happiness and well being. The importance of Astrology for marriage gets accentuated with the innate human urge to achieve happiness and peace in life.

Though marriage in general is viewed as a gateway to progeny and worldly existence, the institution of marriage has a deeper and spiritual aspect to it. The Vedas have demarcated four main stages in the life journey of an individual – Baalya (Infancy and childhood), Koumara (in the current parlance, Teenage), Grahasthya (Family life) and Vaardhakya (Old age). The third stage relates to married life and is considered the most important for every one as a means to actualize life goals and achieve the ‘paramartha’ of life.

Being such a vital cog in the wheel of life, marriage astrology has been given prominent place in the course of life and rightfully so. It considers the 7th House in Kundli (horoscope chart) as the main house representing Marriage. The ancient science of Astrology lays down that a minimum of 8 Gunas (characteristics) must match for married life to be fruitful.

Hence, it is customary for parents of the eligible brides and grooms to match horoscope for marriage. Since the two individuals concerned will be bound in life for life, it is only but natural to know about the planetary positions and their impact on their joint life. Astrology helps in identifying the bright and low points of an individual based on the placement and movement of the heavenly stars through an analytical reading of their birth chart. Experienced and wise astrologers who have deep knowledge of the science of Astrology are adept at analysing past and present and predicting the future events.

The concept of marriage horoscope, as it is loosely called, consists of
(i) matching of horoscopes
(ii) fixing of an auspicious time (Sumuhurtam) for marriage
(iii) suggesting remedies to ward off difficult times in marriage.

The Vedic branch of Astrology provides guiding principles to understand and evaluate the traits and characteristics of the 12 planets and their good and bad effects on the natives. It also lists out the compatibility among planets and their influence on other planets based on their positions and movements. This branch of knowledge is helpful in determining the likely ‘relationship quotient’ of the two who intend to get into wedlock.

If the horoscopes match, the next step is to identify an auspicious time for uniting the two in marriage. The time so fixed for the marriage will factor the planetary movements of the prospective bride and groom before fixing the Sumuhurtam.

Marriage horoscope consultancy also helps in suggesting remedies for the various downs in the journey of married couple. Timely remedial steps will help the couple in warding off such difficult times and lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life with good progeny.

Life and marriage are serious issues and must be handled with care and wisdom. People across centuries have been drawing upon the knowledge and wisdom of learned astrologers and following their advices to lead a blissful married life.

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