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July 9, 2019

Light Language, Lightcodes- Singing Our SoulSong

The Lemurian Light Language gift of Source/Infinite Consciousness

Being that I have spoken about this on aire (radio) over the last twenty odd years now and through other various means, I felt it was time to share a bit more of a personal article here, along with wisdom about this topic so close to my heart and soul. I write such of this and all my articles the way I do in a way that is relatable to you the reader, rather than talking at you with concepts, rather to connect with you. For what I Am about to share with you I feel in many ways you will understand as you too may have had this or similar experiences in being misunderstood in life. I fancy to share such with you in the hopes that this too will inspire you into shining your Light of Love within your SoulSong.

A half century gone when I was a wee lass of six, being I was originally raised Catholic, I would often sit in church on a Sunday completely zoning out the priest in whatever he was on about. I would be seeing/smelling/tasting/hearing/feeling auras, loved ones crossed over, Light Language, Lightcodes. Of course back in those days, there were free from being these names for such things for as a wee one, I had no context for such words. Instead I would say that I was seeing/eating as I would call it/smelling/hearing/feeling colours or waves or sparklies or ‘friends’ or tasting a musical note and such things. Or I would stand during church swaying back and forth or circling round.

During the parts of the service when we were to be singing hymns, I would end up singing in this strange language and doing these strange things with my hands my mum would say. As I grew older and was in choir for most of my childhood and teen years, instead of singing the proper songs, I was singing in this language and would be making these motions with my hands. As a wee one, in our garden we had loads of quartz crystals and other such crystals in raw form, yet my dad and mum would always have a go at me saying ‘oh there she goes again bringing in her ‘rocks’, can’t you just play with real things?’.

On the playground at school I would often do this as well and be bullied, ridiculed, taunted and tormented for doing such things above. At the age of nine I remember having my first Out of Body Experience on the school playground in which one moment I was in my body, the next up some twenty~one metres (70 feet) in the aire, dancing and playing freely only to look down and see the body I was in stood there slumped over with a crowd of children around me, the head mistress breaking through the crowd, touching my shoulder saying ‘Are you alright?’ and BOOM right back in body I came and when I looked up all the children were laughing and snickering ‘freak’ and ‘go home you mad girl’ and such things.

In fact, I often would get beaten with a tree branch from our front garden (my mum told me to go get my switch) later on at home or have a bar of soap shoved down my throat (to wash the sass out of me) or locked in my room with no use of the loo nor food or water for as my mum would say ‘being such a wild child’. I was also taunted by my family and sibling with my mum constantly saying to others ‘oh she cries all the time at the drop of a hat’ and a brother who would torment me by slamming shut my wardrobe doors loudly or throw my stuffies (stuffed animals) around the room because he knew I could hear them ‘speak’ to me.

Growing up was difficult for me as I thought what I was being and doing was natural and everyone did these things and spoke this way etc. When I began to notice that this was far from the case, it became apparent to me that no one got me. No one understood my gifts nor who I Am and why I Am here on this earth and no one knew what to do with me because in their eyes I was ‘different’, ‘a nuance’, ‘bizarre’, ‘a freak’ and such.

It wasn’t until my teens when at fifteen having had my first NDE (Near Death Experience) dying and coming back from a ruptured ovarian cyst (the first of what would be twelve such deaths in this life) and in early 20’s stumbling upon an aura course in which I stood up in the front of everyone and blurted out ‘Oh my God this is what I have been doing my whole life!’ that I began to discover that these gifts I have that I was born with that even when I was even more wee (around age two) that I was being and doing such and it being beaten out of me then, that I realeyesed (seeing with real eyes, realised) that my gifts are of synesthesia, astral mutli~dimensional travel, being an empath, singing/speaking Light Language, channeling Lightcodes and Light Language, seeing and speaking with those on the other side of the veil, tasting/seeing auras and music, using my own body and soul as my own pendulum and dowsing rod and so on. I began to come round folk who actually I could relate to as they were ‘weird’ just like me ?

~So just what IS Light Language, Lightcodes?~

So about now you may be asking (if you are free from already being in the know) what is this thing called Light Language and Lightcodes anyhow? As I have shared extensively in my last article related to vibrational frequency energy~

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I will further expand upon this of our SoulSong now. Light Language is the vibrational frequency energetic way that Source/Infinite Consciousness communicates within the cosmos within the multi~dimensions. Earthly speaking (pardon the pun lol!) we can say that this communication would be what we would consider as telepathic, heart to heart, soul to soul communication. The easiest way to understand this would be when you are thinking of someone and they all of the sudden call you. This is actually the vibrational frequency being launched into the cosmos of you thinking of this person and them responding on a physical level to what their soul picked up on energetically.

This Light Language or Source energy language is our true first language. These vibrational frequency waves (or sparklies as I called them as a wee one ? !) carry energy signatures, codes, patterns, colours, sounds that are translated into what we call as Light Language and Lightcodes. If you have ever seen the film trilogy The Matrix, they attempt to place this into form as a watered down version of this for people to understand.

Each Light Language and Lightcode transmission has within it embedded wisdom of Source, information of the cosmos and multi~dimensions including this one of the earth of this energy of Source’s Light which when activated within you has you attuned and into tune to the tune or the SoulSong of Infinite Consciousness itself within all its multi~dimensional frequencies. Some speak or sing this Light Language or use these Lightcodes through singing, through just speaking only often also speaking in languages from other star systems, counsels, or dimensions.

There are also those who be and do such through dancing, pendulum type swaying/swinging, hand movements and gestures which activate souls on earth or ignite grids on earth or multi~dimensionally within the cosmos, and some who also communicate these Lightcodes and Light Languages through other means telepathically, energetically. And equally there are also Light Rays as well, colours beyond our colour spectrum on earth that can be transmitted as well within all these various ways above as well. It is really also how animals communicate beyond that of our earthly senses and into the realm of multi~dimensional senses. The spectrum of these resonances is as infinite as consciousness itself within an infinite radio dial.

One of the most common questions I receive is~ ‘Can you teach me this Light Language or these Lightcodes?’ The answer is no. Why? Because this is free from being a language you can teach like you would teach Italian, Gaelic, or any other earthly based language. All of our earthly based languages actually come from this original Source language, yet it is something that only you can attune to, activate within you. What I can teach you is how to come into the vibrational frequency of such so that you activate within you this latent gift of our original soulright (rather than birthright as the soul is never born, it is simply the essence of our Soul, the right way of BEing of our Soul). Light Language and Lightcodes are something that the Soul and the heart resonate with and understand. If one attempts to intellectualise it, it will elude you every time. Such comes with the activation and attunement of the heart and soul rather than the mind.

~Sing Your SoulSong~

Have you always wanted to either sing physically or sing the song of your Soul in who you are and why you came here to this earth but have been afraid to due to thinking you have a bad voice or were told you cannot sing or like me were told you were weird, different, mad for being/doing such?

For me, it took many a year of hiding in what I call the Spiritual Closet (or wardrobe for those of us in Scotland) before I truly shined in embracing my YOUniqueness. For many a year, I would do sessions with people without my family or former husband knowing and I kept to myself loads of it. Even as recent as 2004 and 2006 with the launch of my first two books published (in my earthly name which I then later legally changed my name to my SoulSong name retaining my surname and middle name) after coming through the walk~in process having also had my youtube account since nearly the beginning of youtube’s inception, it still took me nearly two and a half years before I put a video out on Light Language still doing such work behind the scene online without fully coming out. Sheekna Ayjana or Universal Heart which is our collective Lemurian Light Language song is one of my most popular videos on youtube which to date has nearly 45,000 views upon it. I was one of the first ones to actually put such out on youtube. Nowadays, with so many awakening spiritually, you can google or youtube Light Language and have loads come up about it.

In fact, American actress Jane Sibbett did a recent interview in which she speaks about her dancing hands and I just smiled so happy to see that even the more popular culture icons like Jim Carey, Russell Brand, and others are now coming forward either within awakening into this recently themselves and/or revealing they too like myself have been being and doing this for many a year or born with such gifts as I.

Coming into your Soul and its song is so much more than just singing the ‘right way’ or the ‘perfect’ note or octave pitch. Our first instrument in our body is our Intuitive Heart voice. Singing our SoulSong whether that be within Light Language and Lightcodes or through art, music, or the many other infinite forms Source brings such through us, is about the discovery of our Soul and our freedom of expression within that.

Both in my own experience of my own journey as a Light Language Channeled Songstress and Sound Healer and also the many thousands I have assisted over 34 plus years, I have found that it is free from being technique or even practice that keeps us from expressing our Intuitive Heart of SoulSong. Rather it is all our olde thought processes, patterns, and programmings, and bad experiences which cause Inner Soul Child wounds that block the flow and bring a sense of doubt, fear, worry, anxiety about not being good enough, unsure if I can do this, and feeling unallowed within self expression other than what a teacher or authority figure says is the ‘right way’ to sing or express who we are.

It was Jesus who said to entour the kingdom of heaven is to be childlike. Childlike means to be in the awe, the wonder, the enchanting magic of infinite possibilities. Through the calming and centering of the mind and moving into the Intuitive Heart resonance only then can we come into our inner harp/heart and then allow the Light Language, Lightcodes, the SoulSong within us to come through onto the strings of the cosmos.

~Sing Loud and Strong~

There have been many a times over the many years where I have been sought after and approached by big publishing houses, magazines, radio, and other such media on and offline to bring my message of Light Language, Lightcodes, and my YOUnique SoulSong in its various forms out to the masses. During such moments what occurs is that I Am told that ‘in order to’ get the wisdom that flows through me to be noticed through whatever mass media that I have to pigeon holed into whatever they want to fit such. Usually by the time such is then butchered and watered down it has lost the integrity of the Light Language, Lightcodes, and of Source itself rendering the message then as completely missed within its purity and integrity. It is sometimes hard enough to translate these codes and languages into earthly English anyhow, let alone to even further degrade them by making a round peg fit into a square hole. And being attuned and intune to the SoulSong of Source’s Intuitive Heart, I Am free from being willing to ‘sell my soul’ just to have the message be seen by more people whom really will be free from benefiting from it fully in such watered downness.

Over the many years I have come to fully embrace my weirdness to see it for what it is. That much like Russell Brand or Jim Carrey or the other ones like myself whom are here to shift the consciousness of the planet, I have always been a soul ahead of her earthly time and I Am free from being here to ‘fit into’ what society at large fancies.

Recently, just after seeing the launch of the afore mentioned prequel article on our SoulSong, I received a letter from a beautiful goddess locally here enquiring about her SoulSong. Relatively speaking, she is what we would call a newbie in the spiritual realms, or newly awakened. Until the beginning of the year, having very little context of the Light Language of our SoulSong. Yet this is what she shared with me (unedited and in her own YOUnique way she expresses her Soul and its Song) in her message to me~

åwwwwwwuh I åm truły honoured i håd åny effect in hełping chu reåłise this nenåri. i compłeteły respect you ståying utterły true to your understånding ånd words of wisdom chu bestow upon us! the måsses must just not be quite reådy for such knowłedge! we åłł Ł♡VE chu so very much ånd it those who understånd {{or wånt to understånd}} who shåłł heår your wonderfuł words ånd truły truły resonåte!’

To me, this is confirmation that I in each moment make the right choice in following my Intuitive Heart as One with Source’s heart. That there are many around the world whom do resonate with what I share and I have changed their lives for the better because of it. And if it means the masses are free from receiving such then so be it. Those whom will will. I Am to stand within my inner knowing of Source coming from Love in humility and trust that Source is guiding this.

Maybe I Am nae ‘normal’ and nae fit into societies standards for SEO marketing, google searches, and such. But as the Apple Think Different Advert that I placed into another of my articles shares whilst photos of the likes of John Lennon, Einstein, Gandhi, and the like flow in the advert~

‘Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They invent. They imagine. They heal. They explore. They create. They inspire. They push the human race forward. Maybe they have to be crazy. How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art? Or sit in silence and hear a song that’s never been written? Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels? We make tools for these kinds of people. While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.’

….and as we say here in Scotland hey ho even EJ (Elton John) with his new film out Rocket Man shows us it is ok to be different, well that’s me! So be it! I embrace it!

The one thing I learned earthly (or as we say in Soul, Soul Remembered) and that I invite you into is to know deep within your heart and soul that of what Source knows and I as well also know already about you which is~ You have a most YOUnique, beautiful, one of a kind voice. Just as there is no one like you on this earth and you are a beautiful miracle of Source energy creation, so too is the vibrational frequency signature of your voice, your SoulSong within Light Language, Lightcodes, whatsoever way you choose to express it that is equally one of a kind and beautiful. No one other than you can give the amaSING expression of vocal intonation in just the way you can! You and your voice are a beautiful miracle from Source, the Master Artist of all creation. And the self expression of your Soul and its Song is to be one of Joyous Playful Bliss. And only YOU can choose what is right for YOU as the way to sing and express such.

So rather than ‘performing’ for the masses, I invite you into reconnecting to your Inner Soul Child of the Intuitive Heart and move within the awe, the wonder, the infinite possibilities of the What If game of curiosity (Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland) magic that is YOU~ to activate, align, and attune (tuning) your instrument of your inner voice, your Soul, and its Song in what feels right for YOU and your Soul so that you rise into Love (falling in love) with your voice which is the vibrational frequency that is YOU and to express that freely and fully in a unique way that only you can!

May this that I have shared provide the sacred and safe space resonance for you, with you, and within you so that you may shine! For Source and I are holding you and your beautiful Soulong of Light Language, Lightcodes energy transmissions as if it is our own voice, for we are One, OneSoul Embodied within the many souls we are. We hold you free from judgment and within nurturing unconditional Love for the garden of your SoulSong to flourish, thrive, shine within! May you embrace your weirdness for the genius that you are and to know you are never alone! I truly understand you and accept you as you are, just as the Master Artist of all creation does. Let’s co~create together on this path in discovering your magnificence as I love to see the Light of Love harp/heart you are YOUniquely sing! You are amaSING!


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