July 27, 2019

Mercury Retrograde: Thriving by Owning your Sh*t.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Unless we understand the divine relationship we have with ourselves, with others, the planets, and the cosmos, life remains chaotic.

“As above, so below,” perhaps it’s Hermetic Law to fully accept and realize that what happens above governs what happens below, and what happens below governs what happens above. Until we all connect to our mental and emotional needs we will all be lost and trapped in our own unconsciousness.

Mercury is the planet of Hermetics and the planet of communication. While the auspicious and somewhat comical phrase of “Mercury retrograde” has brought skepticism and all sorts of cray-cray ideas to the collective, what everyone needs to understand is that astrology is a tool and a way we can understand ourselves and the outer world.

We can blame the planets on our life, and think that astrology governs our actions. But, what I’ve learned is that understanding our own personal and individual relationship to ourselves and the external world, is the healing remedy that lets us live in peace, be less reactive, and become more present, stable, and aware.

What we give our attention to and where we give our energy is vital to our own well-being. Individually and collectively, we all must begin to adopt mindful tactics to help tame our mind, tame our stress levels, and tame our thoughts because they do create our reality.

Astrology is the tool that can help us understand ourselves, our psychology, our unconscious, and the ins of the world. It can also help us understand why we do as we do, and why we suffer in our own process of being so attached in our mind, and how we think reality should be. 

Mercury governs the mind, communication, technology, and more. When Mercury goes retrograde it’s a time to reflect, take a step back, and observe your reality, and what is causing suffering and disconnection. The more we follow the seasons, and live in tune with the universe and nature’s natural alignment, the more we can understand ourselves and make better choices to outgrow the past, and evolve in bigger and brighter ways.

To me, that’s the greatest gift of Mercury—is that it teaches us how to evolve beyond what we know, change our ways, change our behaviors, change our thoughts, and tap into the power of the mind to upgrade our life and our perspective. It’s a choice whether we do or don’t.

Sure technological issues happen, things are delayed, and on some level we all suffer with our own issues of patience and wanting it all now. Mercury can be a real ballbuster that causes more stress, travel issues, technology issues, and more—the question is, are you going to let it sabotage your state of mind, or are you going to learn to adapt, release control, release resistance, and learn to be more present, accepting, and trusting in the now?

Mercury highlights communication and relationships. Often during Mercury retrograde, things from the past come back to haunt us. It could be relationships, lovers, friends, or more simple things like thought patterns, behaviors, and issues that all connect and correlate to our past. Mercury helps us dissolve our own illusion, and forces us to grow, if we let it—and that growth is in the mind and through the body.

Every Mercury retrograde cycle is different. In my experience, I’ve noticed Mercury cycles greatly correlate with what sign it’s in and my own chart. Whether it’s home, work, family, health, or more, the planet Mercury challenges us all to rise up and express ourselves so we can live authentically, without fear holding us back. 

If you’re not making changes, not wanting to go after your dreams, or not wanting to confront your own emotional instability, desires, or neurotic mental addictions—you’re not utilizing the astrological magic that can help us all grow and evolve.

We all can make Mercury retrograde work for us.

Use these tips to become more stable, mentally balanced, and emotionally well. Consider what the cycle is teaching you, and how you can develop new beliefs, change your ways, and choose a higher perspective that can keep you feeling peaceful, and overcoming whatever battle use to be a story that held you back:

Ground your energy. Tech issues happen when we are not fully in our body. Be sure to do extra morning squats, feel into your feet, meditate, and take time to calm your energy.

When our nervous system is out of whack and stressed it can affect computers and technology. Moving and exercising and breathing into our bodies help create peace, ease, and tranquility so that we are not alarmed when strange things happen and computer issues arise.

Communicate like you’re a queen. Communication is challenging, especially when you are battling the sexes. Often during Mercury retrograde, romantic relationships, close family relationships, and maybe even work relationships explode. It’s true that men and women communicate differently, and unless both parties are in a neutral state of mind, Mercury periods may cause some emotional and mental chaos.

This means people misinterpreting and misunderstanding things, and getting emotionally attached. We all hold mental projections in our mind and blocks in our unconsciousness. Unless we deal with those, and realize that how we see the world is through our own filters and mind, we may never be able to live in the world without being defensive, reactive, and blaming others for our problems. 

Improve the quality of your own life. We are victims of our past and the conditions that happened as we grew up. Mercury retrograde is the time to realize where we are out of alignment with our own soul and self.

Consider where you suffer, where you’re lacking love and happiness, and what you’re doing to improve the quality of your own life. Mercury helps us overcome our childhood and other issues of the past so that we can form new and better beliefs. It is our choice whether we are able to change our mind and mental habits to believe in better ways, and believe in ourselves more.

Mercury retrograde is never easy. As you become aware of the astrology influences, it’s possible to dive down your own rabbit hole of questions and concerns. 

I advise you to keep your mind calm. The mental aspects are what Mercury challenges the most. Unless we are willing to trust our deep intuitive voice and release the thoughts and patterns in the mind, we will continue to be as we are. This is fine, except if you’re seeking a change in yourself or your life, and wanting to live better. Mercury is the planet that helps us adjust our lens of the world so that we can slow down, reevaluate, change things up, and learn how to be ourselves better and communicate in more friendly, loving, and authentic ways. 

To be successful, we must be willing to move out of our own mind trap and release the fantasies, fear, and stories we hold in the mind, to begin living in new ways. To live life well, it requires individuality and the ability to transform the mind, and view life through a new lens that empowers ourselves daily—allowing us to live in peaceful and loving sustainable ways.

Insanity, after all, is doing and thinking in the same way again and again, but expecting different results. Consider what Mercury retrograde has taught you, and consider what change in the mind, shift in perspective, and change in belief you can now install in your own, everyday reality.

Mercury forces us to live less out of habit, more with intent, and to slow down. It also forces us to adopt mindfulness so we can understand how we individually and collectively can live in more balanced and peaceful ways.

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