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July 4, 2019

Something amazing is waiting just beyond your pain. By Toni O’Keeffe

Something amazing is waiting just beyond your pain.
Beneath the insecurities, self doubt, disappointment, fear, worry, heartache, sadness and below the thickness of your scars, an amazing and wise soul waits to guide you. Your soul holds the key to your healing and has the answers you seek.
Once you strip away the darkness of everything that’s holding you back, your light will shine and the path ahead will be clear.
Stop chasing, stop fighting, stop regretting, stop resisting.
Feel your pain, your loss, your grief, your confusion, your darkness, then let it go. These things are heavy and weight you down.
Surrender and trust that the flow of the universe has brought you on this journey for a reason. It’s time to move on. You will feel lighter, you will BE lighter once the shadows of your pain are gone.
Release everything that’s holding you back. When you do the universe will take you to wonderful people, adventures and places meant just for you.
Something amazing is waiting just beyond your pain.

TO’K~ ?❤️

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