July 19, 2019

What my Uterus Taught Me: The Body-Mind Wisdom of our Wombs.


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What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows in other places of the body, such as the ovaries or fallopian tubes.

Symptoms include chronic pain in the lower back and pelvis, infertility, excessive bleeding, fatigue, painful bowel movements, or urination, to name a few.

Ten percent of women have endometriosis globally; that is approximately 176 million women.

It takes 7.5 years on average to diagnose the condition. There are currently no known causes or definite cures for endometriosis.

My Experience with Endometriosis

My personal experience with endometriosis has spanned more than 20 years. After recurring excruciating pain and several surgeries, it was clear that the condition was not improving. Desperate for relief, I decided to research alternative therapies.

All of the therapies I was guided to explore involved rebalancing energy, such as Reiki, Theta Healing, acupuncture, and acupressure. This created a deep interest within me, and I decided to train in a few of these modalities to understand energy and how it might help me with this condition.

I was also drawn to deepen my inner connection and hone my intuition, which led me to study with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. The information I have learnt is too vast to share in this short article. However, my experience with all of these practices has been invaluable, not only to my healing but to my general health and peace of mind.

What I Learnt about Energy

We are all made of billions of atoms. Every atom has a number of subatomic particles with empty space in between them, which is energy.

Energy carries information and is constantly vibrating, generating a specific frequency. Everything is energy. Even the most solid objects are energy, but they vibrate very slowly, which is why they appear as solid—including our human body.

Our body has energetic layers collectively known as the “auric field” or “subtle anatomy,” which connect to the physical body through energy centers (located along the spine) called chakras. These energy centers act as gateways for vital life force energy to enter the physical body, and the unrestricted flow of this vital life force energy is a requirement for the physical body to maintain optimum health.

Blockages or excessive energy within the chakras eventually show up as mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Essentially, we are energy beings first and physical beings second; the state of our energy affects our physical body, not vice versa.

How Energy Affects Us

From the moment we are born, every experience produces thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and programs which are stored within the subconscious mind and in turn drive our behavior.

For example, if your mum left you at school on your first day while you were crying, that might have created a subconscious belief that you were rejected. You may view the world through this lens of rejection, as the emotion and belief are most likely still stored within your subconscious.

Emotions are energy in motion and a record of our past experiences. Everything is stored within the subconscious mind and affects our subtle anatomy, and so our physical body. If we continue to hold on to these unprocessed emotions, over time our organs and tissues become strained, eventually leading to a dis-ease, disorder, or physical pain in the body. This is how the body communicates that there is an energetic imbalance.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, dis-ease begins inside of us, so why would we look outside of ourselves to heal? He explains that “our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions change the chemistry of our body and in simple terms, good thoughts produce good chemicals and toxic thoughts produce toxic chemicals.”

Furthermore, Dr. Christiane Northrup states that, in energetic terms, “the uterus and its health is related to a woman’s innermost sense of self. When she feels that her deepest emotional needs are in direct conflict with what the world is demanding of her, endometriosis is one of the ways in which her body tries to draw her attention to the problem.”

Another interesting concept is that of “symbolic sight” and is explained by Caroline Myss in her book, Anatomy of the Spirit. Myss proposes that we view our challenges, such as pain and illness, objectively, to understand the deeper meaning behind each. This means removing ourselves from the depth of the issue and reviewing it from a higher perspective to see the lesson that is being offered to us.

Symbolic sight allows us to gain deeper insights from a broader standpoint—the perspective with which God (Creator, Divine, Universe, Source) views things. It is a way of perceiving the gift we are being offered through the challenge.

You may wonder how this affects our energy. Well, “healing is a change in perception,” and when we change the way we view ourselves and our circumstances (through the perspective of symbolic sight), we begin to transform our experience and therefore our energy (Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams).

Ultimately, all of our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and behavioural patterns are linked to our physical health, as they are all interrelated.

I believe that endometriosis is not a physical condition alone; it requires a holistic approach to explore the connection between the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies as they interact seamlessly. One area impacts the other.

What Endometriosis Taught Me

I eventually realised that I wasn’t a victim of this condition. Instead, my body and this dis-ease were trying to teach me something, but I hadn’t been listening.

In brief, here are some key learnings:


Endometriosis has finally awakened me to myself and shown me that I had been so focused on the external world that I lost connection to myself­—my emotions, my passions, my desires, and my soul. I forgot what it meant to truly live, as I was frequently operating in survival mode, constantly over-working and focused on pleasing others.

I didn’t realise I had lost myself until I found myself again. I have now learnt to cultivate a deeper connection with myself, my emotions, and my body and to live my life from a state of love, compassion, and gratitude—every single day.


I was predominantly living life from my masculine energy (action, structure, control, giving) and disconnected from my feminine energy (rest, flow, nurture, receiving, self-love). I am now learning to embrace this part of me to create balance and harmony within myself. I have recognised the importance of self-love and acceptance and understand that taking care of myself must be a priority in my life if I am to come from a place of loving compassion for others.


Through working with professional energy healers and implementing a variety of energy practices, I have been able to release emotional traumas that were largely unprocessed and suppressed over many years. I have learnt the true meaning and significance of self-care as the result of this deep work, and that has been profoundly healing for me within the body, mind, and spirit.


My experiences and training have taught me that this condition (as well as every other circumstance/situation in my life) is serving to awaken me—awaken me to myself on deeper and deeper levels.

I need to be open and willing to see as God (Creator, Divine, Universe, Source) sees and allow the wisdom to reach me. I learnt that ultimately, I am the creator of my own reality, including my health and well-being. I have the innate power to heal myself by transforming my energy (and, in turn, my physical body) through the process of releasing and altering my thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and behavioural patterns.

My condition has vastly improved, and, although my journey continues, the combined holistic approach has had a much larger impact on enhancing my health, compared to the medical route alone, and life finally feels more fulfilling on so many levels.

For me, the benefits of alternative therapies in addressing my endometriosis have been invaluable, and I hope my experience inspires you to explore alternative options in your own journey to find some relief, peace, and balance.



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