August 24, 2019

An Open Letter to those Questioning their Self-Worth. {Poem}

Never let your sense of self-worth be wrapped up

In one person’s view of you. 

Just because they may not be able to see
Your beauty, love, and potential
That doesn’t mean it
Doesn’t exist within you. 

Just because they may have seen you
When you were at your worst
and may have hurt you, despised you, or rejected you

That doesn’t mean that their words, thoughts, or actions
Have to define you, or define
How you choose to feel about yourself.

Choose to be the best person you can be today
Someone who is kind and caring to those around you
Who makes the most of each opportunity
and spreads love wherever you go.

Never let the person you were yesterday
Dictate who you have to be today
But embrace opportunities for self-improvement and growth.

Then one day
You will wake up and realise
You no longer care about them not caring

And that it was their loss
From the beginning. 


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