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August 29, 2019

A New Moon Prayer


Never say you can’t.

Time is a construct. You could have some untapped skills acquired from lives past or you could quantum leap into another time to where you have developed them.

How are you so absorbed in yourself that you think you have any idea what your potential is?

We don’t know why we are here but it sure as hell isn’t about “poor little me”.

Get your head out of that derriere and live!

Today is the day. Make it happen.

Make love with your life. Love it with abandon, without restriction; dance, sing your song, let others see who you truly are. Share your heart, your spirit, your gifts with the world. Because to not do so is so painful. And there is enough suffering here already.

Take that trip. Tell someone you love them. Quit the job you hate. Start that business. Stop filling your surroundings with dead goods and start filling your self with spirit and the world with your creativity. Do your best with what you have instead of wishing for what you have not.

Stop making plans you know you’ll never keep and start planning for the success of a life you wish desperately to preserve. Stop living as if your breath and body are permanent and start living as if the only impact, the only permanence you have, is the quality of your communication. Never again say, “tomorrow” or “next time.”

Appreciate that you bought the ticket for this life with your past achievements. You’ve already won the lottery. Don’t fall asleep at the movie.

Rejoice! Exuberate with such passion for life that your very existence becomes an act of a rebellion, and your very presence, the cure for others.

Stop asking for permission; never override your intuition.

Let others judge you. It just means they care. Your job is simply to take all the information you’re given, look at yourself objectively, and ask, is what I am doing authentically me? If it is, it is intrinsically of benefit. Strive for less perfection and more feedback.

Stop apologizing for yourself. You may make mistakes but you are as intentional as gravity.

Ask for help.

Eliminate imagined disabilities. There is nothing wrong with you. Absolutely nothing. Don’t tear yourself down – build others up.

Please understand that everyone around you and every thing and every circumstance is aligning to bring you to your highest destiny, even if, no, especially if, it is bringing you to your knees.

Love the ones your with. See how un-comfortably you could dive into the depths of each other instead of wishing for something less comfortable and more exciting.

Do you know every inch of your self, your soul, your body, your being, your mind, your creativity, your emotions, your radiant body? How are you so consumed in your own ego that you think you have any inkling of even scratching the surface of theirs? No, you think you have it all figured out.

Try instead to believe that the less your are certain, the more you know.

Forgive easily. Most of all yourself. Forgive yourself for the things you are not yet ready to forgive.

Learn from each mistake so that you can make better ones. Try with all your might to live impeccably – to have your words match your actions match pure thought.

Take nothing for granted.

Trust that if it does not give you energy, it is not reality. Recognize that the belief in your own beauty is what makes you beautiful. And for the love of




never let anyone tell you how to live or make you afraid of the infinite power of




And when the sun sets on your big life, you will be able to look into the sky, or into the eyes of your lover, or a child, and whisper those last words with comfort and wisdom and conviction, “we did a good job.”

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