August 26, 2019

Remember the Mystery Woven into your Bones. {Poem}

Life shall not be dull or drab
Lived halfway
It must be ravished
With soul
And sung through
The heart

It must vibrate, shake, bleed, and moan
And shimmy like a belly dancer’s belt
We must feel!
Stir our hearts in the messy beauty like paint
Sweetness, sadness, joy, disappointment, loss, love, and fear
It must be devoured
By the mouth
Of Godliness
That lives
Inside of you.
Nourish it
Light the candle
Even with a tiny, curious spark

Drink to the thirst that will never quite be quenched
Drape yourself in the thick, wild robes
Of the Mystery.
The unseen
Let it liberate you…

Let life gush through your veins
And pour out of your eyes
In tears of joy, awakening
And the fresh, fragile pain of being human
Feel it.
Don’t go numb.
Don’t fall asleep at the wheel, dazed by the buzz of distractions
Phones, computers, and all the bullsh*t sold on glossy billboards


Taste life with your entire being
Let it flood you
Stand quietly
In awe
As you soak in the rich tapestry
The Mystery
That pulses
At the heart of it all.

Give up trying to know everything!
Give up being right!
Give up impressing anyone!

Be so much that your masks drop, revealing your beauty like never before
Until you come back to the familiar pull of your heart
That brings sobs and ecstasy
You drop to your knees
You cannot speak.

In the glorious, unraveling tenderness
You stand trembling
Against a backdrop
Of sapphire stars
Winking at you
Encouraging your boldness.
Stroking your softness.
Yes, dear one—you need both.

So defy expectations
Laugh in the face of indifference and apathy
To hell with being normal!
The Mystery
Woven into your bones
Tugging at you…


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Read 2 comments and reply

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