August 13, 2019

We are Magic made Human.


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We take each other for granted.

We treat each other as random beings.

But how much would our relationships change and evolve if we shifted our perspective and saw those we cross paths with as nothing less than magic?

Perhaps we need to relearn the art of seeing deeply into someone’s soul when we look at them. Because there is so much more to them than what our eyes can perceive.

We are made of magic and stardust, and we shouldn’t allow anyone to treat us as less than that. Our souls came from other realms to live the human experience, at least for a little while.


When I look

into your eyes,

it’s not only a human called me

looking into you.

It’s a whole goddamn

galaxy composed

of stars, sacred animals,

gods and goddesses,

magical creatures,

and a mysterious symphony

of millions of years

penetrating right through

your very soul,

your core

and all it contains.

So never treat me as random,

for I am magic

made human.

Never take me for granted,

for I’m worth the entire universe.

Never treat me only as a person,

for I am that and so much more.

I am woman.

I am soul.

I am essence.

I’m from this world and others.

My cells have ancient wisdom,

my flesh is my ancestors blood.

I’m both light and darkness.

I’m here and there

and everywhere.

I speak in languages you

don’t know.

I get my wisdom

from other realms,

and see the truth

through spirit animal’s eyes.

I am always awake,

aware, and ready

to reach higher.

I am woman, human, child—

but oh so much more.


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Read 6 comments and reply

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