August 17, 2019

We asked Readers advice on How to Heal. Here are the 17 most Spot-On Responses.


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It’s one of the most central experiences of being human.

We all have to do it at one time or another during our time on Earth—if we’re lucky.

But the methods for healing are endless and varied—and, ultimately, quite personal to each of us.

We asked our readers what their methods of healing are, and the answers were lovely, painful, wise, and honest.

May they be of benefit:

1. “Open your heart and mind and allow the healing in…everything else will unfold as it is meant to.” ~ Suzanne K.

2. “Beach, music, yoga, meditation.” ~ Jessica L.

3. “Prayer and a lot of pain.” ~ Michelle S.

4. “You never really heal. You might learn how to cope, but you never heal. It’s like people saying that a family, with a loved one who has been murdered, will find ‘closure’ because of a trial. No they won’t. There is no ‘closure’…there is just learning to live with what is.” ~ Margaret O.

5. “Be kind to yourself.” ~ Helana S.

6. “From the inside out…lotsa tea & good books & walks to nowhere.” ~ Deborah E.N.

7. “With love and patience.” ~ Jennifer W.

8. “Find something to give your love to. Buy a plant or a dog or volunteer. Mentor someone. I think when we feel how our love can help others, it’s healing. Empowering.” ~ Mari B.S.

9. “With time.” ~ Maggie M.

10. “Lots of different ways…it’s a personal journey.” ~ Malinda G.

11. “I go hang out in the forest.” ~ Wendy H.

12. “It is up to you to find what heals you. The one thing you will need without a doubt is time. Time to figure out what you think heals you and then time to try it over and over again until the scab is no longer a scab but a scar and hopefully at that point you will understand that the scar will fade but never completely go away. It no longer hurts like it once did, just sits there being a part of you now. For me healing came in spirals and just when I thought I was done I would start again. A decade later and my thoughts still wander there daily but now the tears don’t follow and I can move along from that thought easily. I am satisfied with that today and will probably be satisfied with that tomorrow too. Our human journey is not always happy but the experience is almost universal. I wish you the absolute best on your path to healing.” ~ Kristie G.B.

13. “Music.” ~ Kathleen B.W.

14. “Yoga, hiking, hot showers, and my husband’s arms.” ~ Diane C.

15. “Therapy, and lots of it.” ~ Danielle D.

16. “Do the work. It’s a process. It’s hard. It takes time. But if you don’t commit to doing it, nothing changes.” ~ Monika S.

17. “We have to peel to heal.” ~ Shelina K.


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