August 8, 2019

Words to Remember when Life Transitions leave us Bleeding & Exposed.


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Change happens whether we like it or not.

She strides in, hot and ready like a thunderous wind—even when we are not ready. At all. 

We shake and tremble; it’s like standing naked in front of the universe—raw and exposed against a jeweled backdrop of a million stars.

Maybe she drags us kicking and screaming, fingers grasping to the cold coals of what used to be a hot, roaring flame of something that used to work, but doesn’t anymore.

We resist. We shut down. We complain. We pretend.

Things don’t always go the way we wish—but no one ever promised they would.

It’s okay.

We don’t need to struggle against the struggle.

‘Cause life is messy. It is unpredictable and tough, with unforeseen twists and turns. It is a beautiful, pulsing masterpiece, too.

The world spins, seasons bleed into each other. Chapters of our lives end; new ones begin.

We transform.

Forever growing, bursting, realizing, deepening, feeling, learning, speaking, rising, loving—

We are not meant to be stagnant.

The fibers of our souls roar on at a million miles an hour.

But in those moments when it feels like our blood is pooled in knots, our muscles are tangled, eyes weary, hearts uncertain…

As things shift and converge and break apart—

We can feel our feet on the ground.

We can find a clear sense of steadiness:

Who. We. Are.

As our tears puddle, as our guts moan with doubt, and our minds race with hope, and worry, and thoughts of all that could go wrong, and all that will be, and all that should be and should not be—

We can feel our feet on the ground.

We can notice the stability that exists within the dynamic skin of the spinning creature we are!

So let it happen.

Let change happen! 

It will happen anyway.

And know the great paradox—know how still, focused, and resilient we are in the face of it

When we get shocking news that shatters us at first; when the past swirls into something new; when we slice the blade of our wisdom to write a fresh chapter, draw a relationship to a close, make a tough decision—

We can always be authors and active participants in the process. We can hold ourselves through it all. We get to choose that.

To fear change is to live in fear.

So expand, grow, growl, feel, roar, sweat, rest, dance.

Embrace it. 

Feel your skin shedding, notice those precious sneak peeks of fresh, pink skin underneath the old scabs.

They hold the glorious whispers of a miracle

Unfolding, rose-like

In your palms.

No matter the challenges thrown our way—we can face ’em. We must.

Yes, we may shudder, temporarily consumed with tornado-like silos of thoughts that we can’t, that we won’t, or we shouldn’t

But we are.

Feel strength dripping off you like honey

Thick and ripe, full of sustenance, delight

And truth.

Life stings sometimes

Find the honey!

Put it to your lips

Hold it there

Savor it.

And yes, change is hard. It is awkward and uncertain and scary as f*ck.

But you can handle it.

Because you are strong, because you are tender.

Because you were born a warrior

You have wisdom inside that flows wild and nebulous like a starry night

The smell of the forest on your feet, as a wolf howls in the distant landscape of your soul

So when it feels overwhelming and you swear you’re burning alive

Don’t. Turn. Away.

Lean in.

Breathe, cry.

You can walk through the fires of this life

You are fire.

You will roar and expand and feel the drum of your power inside your belly and chest

You will stomp your feet on the floor and proclaim the wild birthright

Of your worth.

Unfettered and true.

You are fire.

Don’t ever forget that.

Oh sweet warrior, no obstacle is too big for you.

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