September 22, 2019

A Mothering Manifesto.

I will show up for myself first and be willing to show up for you, too.

Every. Single. Day.

And when I forget to, or cannot possibly imagine what that might look like, I will forgive myself. Showing up will always be enough.

I will practice forgiveness so that you can learn to make mistakes.

I will practice tenderness with myself and others so that you can learn humility.

I will honour my resistance and fear so that I can make space in my heart for love and joy.

I will be curious with all of my feelings without labelling them as good or bad.

You will be encouraged to express yourself too, as I learn on the job how to help you navigate the big and small stuff.

I will have days when I am in flow, and days when I feel paralysed by the stories I have told myself about what’s going on.

Just like the seasons, I will change and grow.

I will make time to delight in watching you change and grow.

I will walk beside you, not in front or behind.

I will come in close when you need, but make sure there is always enough space for you to spread your wings as wide as you can imagine when you want to fly.

Space and time will be values, not just concepts, in our house.

I will ensure that, as much as possible, I am honouring my own need for stillness and quiet so that you can learn when you need to be with yourself and when the company of others is helpful.

I will hold space for you. I will see you. I will witness you. I will never look away.

I will always be honest with you and value your truth-telling.

I will be willing to take risks and encourage you to do the same. This will help us understand the meaning of being brave—remembering that we don’t get to call it brave if we weren’t scared in the first place.

Creativity will be supported. As I write and dance and sing, you will be inspired to find your way with doing more of what lights you up.

I will be all of me and help you remember when you forget to be all of you, too.

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