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September 3, 2019

A Poem Days before Dorian

“Pretty nice stunner I must say….”

I meant to take some days without texting or calling him.

But then I went to Charleston, and ate at Husk,

I missed Sean Brock and saw a man stumble off the porch.

The wind was rolling, the king tide was coming in.

Mom and Dad will be here tomorrow. To vacation.. take a break from reality.

So I texted him again. Guess I still need a break from reality, too.

How are you? I miss you. I need to sleep inside your shoulder.

Hurricane coming.

“Pretty nice stunner I must say…” “Yea, she’s pretty awesome.”

Wish he was talking about me.

Gridlock, Evacuation. Gas in the car, bread in the basket, milk in the fridge.

Essentials to prepare for the worst. Maybe I’ll learn this lesson this time.

“Pretty nice stunner I must say”



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