September 27, 2019

New Moon in Libra (28th September): Have you got your sh*t in order as this Cosmic Gavel Descends?

*Astrology is silly. But it can be mindful if it’s helpful. ~ Ed

So this is a super interesting new moon to say the least.

A karmic mash-up with all the makings of a Greek play: serendipity, kismet themed choices, love, and broken hearts—dharmic contracts, core wounds triggered, gifts of abundance—the full spectrum of life’s fated potential is collectively up for the taking!

This is a super moon, so inherently powerful anyway, but this one has extra zing added as most of the big-hitting planets are in on this lunar action, too. This is potent energy—one which needs to be handled carefully. Remaining grounded and in the now is key to making the most of its potential, we are playing with some karmic big hitters here—this is definitely no cosmic amateur hour—this is a time to put on our “big girl/boy” pants and face the raw truth of life in all its painful, joyous hues.

There is something slightly avant-garde about it, too. A new moon with its usual potential for seeding new beginnings, however, this one has a completion vibe to it. The manifestation energy being offered from this lunation is asking us to let go, complete, and shut down old patterns and life structures.

Not an unreasonable question in this energetic landscape would be, “Am I dealing with this lifetime or a past one?” and the answer would be either or both.

So where do we start…?

Let’s get the K stuff—karma—down first.

The cosmic eye of Sauron which has been with us since April, turns up to maximum beam (the South Node/Saturn partnership) and perfects its conjunction exactly as the new moon becomes absolute. This is the third time this energetic dealer of the truth has come into play this year. If you haven’t heard the clarion call to clear out your karmic suitcase by now, then this new moon will be stepping in to open up your valise, empty out the contents, and get you face-to-face with the discards you need to make in life.

This is the final karmic security checkpoint before the Pluto/Saturn conjunction of January 2020—you need only the lightest of carry-ons to ride the collective energy toward the 2020 worldwide-cosmic-wake-up-call on its way.

Over the next two weeks, in the run up to the full moon in Aries, you have your own planetary accountability coach walking alongside you cheering you on to this end.

It’s asking you to own and clear out:

>> Areas of life you have been avoiding facing—perhaps aspects that you are afraid to let go of, even though you know deep down they have served their purpose in your life.
>> Relationships or relationship patterns that no longer work for you—we are in Libra season, after all.
>> Restrictions and life structures that just aren’t allowing you the life that you deserve.

It’s time to ask the question: what in my life is stuck together with sticking plaster and wishful thinking and actually needs to go?

This cosmic detox we are knee-deep in is all going down opposite Chiron, the asteroid that represents our deepest wounds. Collectively, this means painful shadow stuff is up for karmic release and that is never an easy experience. Deep-rooted programming that goes to the core of our wounded “I am not enough”‘ stories is super painful to excise.

And if that wasn’t enough, Uranus, the planet that instigates the unexpected, the shocking, and the surprising, is also stirring things up. He is in play to wake us up out of our slumber—perhaps to provide the event that will force us to get real about aspects of our lives that no longer fit who we are.

So that’s the karmic stuff covered now for the serendipitous bit:

Jupiter and Venus are making a beautiful, bountiful sextile to this lunation. Jupiter is the lucky, expansive planet and it is doing a sextile abundance dance with Venus at this lunation. Venus, who represents the energy of love, money, and what we value. Put these two together, and there is magic fairy dust abound to manifest something really positive in these Venutian-ruled areas over the next two weeks.

Let’s also not forget that Libran energy is setting the overall tone right now. This means that whatever we are experiencing collectively, is only happening to try and get us all back into a better balance in our lives.

Karma is hitting everyone at the moment we only have to look at the world stage to see how the karma police are finally on their way to bring a day of reckoning to individuals and companies that are operating with the good of the few, not of the many. Trump, Boris, Brexit, to name but a few. Looking at the astrological charts for these individuals particularly, they have an interesting few months ahead!

Focusing on what we can do for ourselves, self-care is a must right now. Most importantly are the routines that help you get grounded: Epsom salts baths, walks in nature, along with practices that help you stay in the now such as meditation and mindfulness.

This is perfect energy to set clear intentions; both for what you want to shut the door on once and for all, as well as what you want to meet on the path ahead. Remember the potency for seeding new beginnings is 24 hours after the new moon perfects and the three-day window after that.

We are now entering the final countdown toward the Pluto/Saturn conjunction of 2020. As Saturn leaves the South Node this weekend it is heading toward the Lord of Transformation, Kali, for a paradigm-shifting cosmic reckoning in January.

Collectively, and for the world, this will be a game changer. Right now your only job is to do your bit to prepare by clearing your life of excess baggage, opening your heart to others/life, and living each day from a place of your own pure, innocent truth.

That’s easy right?!



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